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Bijoux contemporains: Caps and Co

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Points of sales on Koh Tao :

  • " Aqua I " french diving center (Mae Haad)
  • "Forget Me Not Shop" (Mae Haad)
  • " Nuchi shop" (Mae haad, rue du port, next to Baan Yai Thai Food)
  • " The Secret garden " (Mae Had)

Points of sales on Koh Samui:

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Contemporary jewelry: Caps & Co

Anaïs Beard, contemporary jewellery Designer, has created the brand Caps & co in 2011 after 5 years of education of jewellery in France and Spain. This year, it is located in Thailand. Although she keeps a foot in Lyon, she buries another white sand of Koh Tao.

"nothing is lost, nothing of themselves created, everything is transformed". The famous quote from Lavoisier continues this young designer to the fertile imagination and the selective eye. Then it retrieves, beech Marten and hoards. These little things it picks, on the beach or abandoned random sidewalks and paths, become a day of tiny and delicious treasures. Trimmings, jewellery.

And behind the apparent futility of the accessory, the designer also develops a concept of 'soft revolution', recycled materials, interchangeable rings, barter; a nice value it embodies pulverize beer caps. Among others. Capsules she hammers, écartèle and turns to clips shot and hammer to blow colours and painted. And that then mixes it to the nobility of silver and gold. Its claw Caps & co was born from this delicate alliance.

You can find also in its very different collections each other, coffee, exotic seeds red and black beans, potato bread, tiny, crab claws tattooed ink and abandoned shells.

She molded shells, skeletons of sea urchin that it melts wax and then silver or brass. And accessories reveal the detail of a exoticism on Robinson Crusoe solidarity and chic.

At Koh Tao, she exposes in atypical locations, diving clubs, restaurants, yoga centres.
The soft revolution? Caps & Koh Tao!

Official site: www.anaisbeard.fr

Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anaisbeard.fr


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