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Formalities & Tourist Visas in Thailand

The key ideas to know

  • The visa-free travel in Thailand
  • Tourist visas
  • The extension of tourist visa
  • The double entry tourist visa
  • The overstay
  • A visa run
  • Limiting tourist visas and visa run
  • Other visas
  • Case Studies

  • Last updated July 14, 2014


    The content of this page is valid for all the Thailand. This page concerns nationals French, carriers of a French passport. 42 other nationalities are currently also involved in this page: Belgium, Swiss, Canada, Monaco...

    French nationals must have a passport valid 6 months beyond the end of their stays in Thailand. For example if you plan to leave the Thailand January 1, 2015, your passport should expire after July 1, 2015.

    This page is updated as much as we can. However, the information contained here cannot replace official texts published by the embassies and official bodies. The information contained here are therefore given indicative as to facilitate the understanding of some concepts and give you some tips and tricks.

    See the section visa of the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand

    The visa-free travel in Thailand

    The national French that have a valid passport may stay for a certain period on Thai soil by taking advantage of a visa waiver. As name suggests, an exemption from visa is a tourist residence permit without the need for a visa. It benefits of the visa exemption by simply presenting his passport to immigration services arriving in Thailand.

    The length of stay that you have right to exemption from visa, will depend on how you arrive in Thailand.

    A distinction must be 2 cases and duration may vary depending on the case:
    If you arrive by road: If arrive you in Thailand by road, passing through an immigration position located at the Thai border (for example if you come from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, or Malaysia, by train or bus) you then have the right to an exemption from visa for 30 days. In other words you can stay in Thailand 30 days.
    If you arrive by air: If arrive you in Thailand by air, the immigration officer at the airport of arrival in Thailand will give you an exemption from visa for 30 days. In other words you can stay in Thailand 30 days.

    Tourist visas

    If your tourist stay in Thailand must exceed the length which you can benefit with a visa waiver (see section above), then you must obtain a tourist visa before arrived in Thailand.

    The tourist visa has 2 characteristics:
    Duration of residence permit : this is the length of time that the tourist visa allows you to stay. It is set to 58 days, regardless of how you arrive in Thailand (not the air or earth).
    Validity When you get your tourist visa (single entry), you have time to use it beyond this period, your tourist visa expires, you can not use it. The validity of the tourist visa is currently set at 3 months after his graduation date. The visa is considered used and not being buffered when the immigration service upon arrival in Thailand

    The simple tourist visa entry

    The tourist visa entitles to one entry in Thailand. This is to say that all of the Thailand will end your current visa. It is also sometimes said that a tourist visa is "a simple visa entry". If you want to enter in the Thailand you'll receive a new visa waiver, either have another visa (a double visa entered for example).

    Where to get a tourist visa?

    A tourist visa is obtained in Thailand a Thai Embassy. Comme les ambassades Thaïlandaise sont situé à l'étranger (en dehors du territoire Thaïlandais), vous ne pouvez vous procurer de visa touristique qu'à l'extérieur de la Thaïlande. Dans un des pays limitrophes par exemple (Malaisie, Cambodge, Laos, Myanmar..) ou bien encore en France. En France, vous pouvez demander à obtenir un visa touristique soit à Lyon, soit à Paris. Vous pouvez aussi faire ces démarches par correspondance avec Action-visas.com.
    Here are contact of different Thai embassies.

    How much does a tourist visa?

    Tourist visa costs $ 30? by entry)http://www.thaiembassy.fr/fr/visa/visa-touristique/)
    Pricing is to be confirmed only with the Embassy that you choose.

    How to use your tourist visa?

    La plupart du temps le visa touristique thaïlandais se présente sous la forme d'un sticker qui sera placé dans votre passeport. Sur ce sticker figure un numéro de visa. Lorsque vous entrez en Thaïlande, un formulaire d'entrée sur le territoire vous est remit. Dans ce formulaire vous devez indiquer votre numéro de visa dans le champ prévu à cet effet. Si le formulaire ne vous demande pas de numéro de visa, alors c'est à vous d'indiquer à l'officier d'immigration que vous avez un visa sinon l'officier n'utilisera pas votre visa et vous appliquera la durée d'une exemption de visa. Quoiqu'il en soit, vérifiez toujours que l'officier d'immigration a bien vu et tamponné votre visa. Attention, il est dit dans les textes que la durée de votre séjour autorisé, visa ou pas, reste à la discrétion de l'officier d'immigration. Cela veut dire que l'officier d'immigration est libre de choisir la durée qu'il souhaite.

    The extension of tourist visa

    It is possible to obtain a residence permit additional 30 days on a tourist visa. This is called an extension of tourist visa. It then gives you the opportunity to rest 90 days (60 +30) on Thai soil with a tourist visa + extension of visa

    When request visa extension?

    L'extension de visa doit être demandé avant la fin de votre visa (sous entendu : avant la date de fin de séjour autorisé par votre visa touristique en cours de validité). Lorsque vous faite une demande d'extension de visa un jour J, l'extension de visa vous permet de rester en Thaïlande jusqu'à J+30 jours. La date de fin de votre visa n'est donc pas pris en compte, c'est la date à laquelle vous demandez votre extension de visa qui est prise en compte. Mieux vaut donc faire cette demande d'extension le plus tard possible si vous souhaitez maximiser la durée de votre séjour en Thaïlande.

    How much for a visa extension?

    Currently the extension of visa costs 1900THB.

    Where do the application for extension of tourist visa?

    The extension of visa is in one of the offices of immigration (immigration office) Thai on Thai territory. The Koh Tao nearest immigration office is located in Koh Samui approximately 2 kilometres south of Nathon on the main road to the South, at a crossroads in front of a 7/11. It is indicated on the maps of Koh Samui available everywhere.

    The double entry tourist visa

    C'est simple, un visa touristique double entrée c'est la même chose que 2 visas touristiques simples entrées. Méfiez-vous simplement de la durée de validité pour ne pas utiliser votre 2ème entrée trop tard. Le visa touristique double entrée donne donc droit à 58 + 58 = 116 jours. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser des extensions de visa pour chaque visa touristique et avoir donc (58 + 30) + (58 + 30) = 176 jours soit environs 6 mois en Thaïlande avec 1 sortie du territoire + 2 passages à un bureau d'immigration pour faire une extension de visa.

    When apply for a tourist visa double entry?

    All Thai embassies do not offer to double entry visa. Today we know that it is possible to obtain in Laos in Vientiane, Malaysia Kota Baru and France.

    We know that it is not possible currently to obtain in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

    How to use my second entry?

    Use the 2nd entry in the same way as the first entry, whether you arrive in Thailand at an immigration service. If you are already in Thailand, then you must get out of the Thailand for y re - go and use your 2nd entry to extend your stay: we call it do a visa-run.

    The overstay

    If you stay in Thailand over your residence permit given by your visa or your visa exemption, then you are in illegal called "overstay".

    Leave the Thailand or request an extension of visa, or if you are control by the police and that you are in a situation of overstay you will have to pay a fine corresponding to By days of overstay 500THB, with a maximum of 20 000THB to fine.

    If the police stop you following an offence road or any other incidents and you are in a situation of overstay, you risk detention in prison.

    If you overstay for 364 days and more, you may a sentence of imprisonment of maximum 2 years and a fine of 20 000THB.

    An immigration officer recall than those in overstay since less than 1 year is not imprisonment. (source) Samui Express)

    Expulsion of the Thailand for Overstay

    If you overstay, in addition to a fine, you risk expulsion. The duration of the expulsion will depend on if you are denounced you even at the immigration service or not. There are therefore two scenarios:

    Length of overstay Duration eviction if you shift
    + 90 days 1 an
    + 1 year 3 years
    + 3 years 5 years
    + 5 years 10 years
    Length of overstay Duration eviction if you stop
    -from 1 year 5 years
    + 1 year 10 years

    A visa run

    When your permission to stay is completed and you want to extend your stay you have several options. For example you can out of the territory, and re - return immediately to have the right to stay additional days with a visa exemption, or out of the territory to enable a new entry of a visa if you have one. You can also going out of the territory to apply for a visa in a Thai Embassy of a border country in the Thailand.

    All these practices out of the Thailand for y re - return immediately for reasons of visa are called "make a visa run". The visa run is a real business in Thailand and some agencies offer express shipments on measure group to achieve this kind of operation.

    Visa run from Koh Tao

    Since Koh Tao of the visa run to Ranong to the Myanmar are offered by some travel agencies.

    Visa run from Koh Samui

    Since Koh Tao of the visa run to the Malaysia are offered by some travel agencies.

    Limiting tourist visas and visa run

    Tourist visas are currently limited to 2 (a double entry visa) visa for a maximum stay of 6 months.
    Visa run are currently limited number 4 to the suite. This concerns only the passages by land routes (since 1 June 2009) which give right to 15 days visa-free.

    Currently visa run are limited to 1 maximum overland.

    If you have a 30-day visa exemption, to extend your stay you can apply a simple tourist visa entry, no more.

    Other visas

    We speak not of the other visa in this page. For more information you can visit: http://www.immigration.go.th/

    Visa, permit of stay, how many day and number of days, calculation of visa
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    Since 12/23/2010
    Dec. 23. 2010 17:54 lagambas said:
    Hello; I wish to remain on Thai territory for one year with a return to France after six months and then return the other six months in Thailand. believe you qu in Paris it can I issue a tourist visa second double entries in the same year.
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    Dec. 29. 2010 09:39 Charly said:
    In theory it cannot stay more than 6 months on (approximately) in Thailand under a tourist visa. In practice some people are sometimes several years in Thailand by accumulating the tourist visa (the evidence on Thaivisa FC). So even if it is not won, it does not cost much to make the application. Note that the results can sometimes change of one Embassy to another.

    (View profile)
    Posts: 2
    From 26/02/2011
    26 Feb. 2011 03:55 Max said:
    What passage of the law? speak or statutory limitation has two tourist visas??

    It just seems that there is no limit to the discretion of the Embassy
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    Posts: 4
    From 13/12/2011
    Dec. 13. 2011-13:05 asdid said:
    Here is my question I arrived on Thai soil on 6 July and resumes the 05 August exactly on the flight from 00: 30.If I legislation I must a visa only for my overflow information of the paris Embassy.
    But if I turn my passport the day before in the evening it is the 04 to 23 h 50 I'm not an offence.Can you tell me if I am right
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    aschaeffer on

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    Posts: 2
    From 17/09/2014
    Sept. 17. 2014 16:16 aschaeffer on said:

    What is double entry visas are still valid? I have read that embassies were more issuing them. Is this true?

    MERIÇ in advance!
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    A.dk on

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    From 24/06/2019
    June 24, 2019 11:01 A.dk on said:
    I arrived the week last in Bangkok on a tourist VISA valid until 30/08.
    I didn't say that I had a tourist visa on arrival form, I simply gave my passport and immigration officer let me in the country.
    I have checked so far my passport and I realized that the officer had put me given an exemption of VISA for 30 days (until 17/07) and had not validated my tourist visa...
    What to do in this case the?
    Can I enjoy these 30 days, out of the territory to the 15/07, a new exemption of 30 days, and then at the end of those 30 days to validate my visa (around 15/08) for 2 new months?

    Thanks for your help,

    Kind regards

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