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Weather and Climate in Koh Tao - Thailand

  • Summary of the climate in Thailand
  • Seasons and climate in Thailand and Koh Tao
  • Weather at the moment
  • Seasonal normals
  • The high and low tourist seasons
  • Summary of the climate in Thailand

    (Produced by crossing different sources of information: professional websites, amateur and journals)
    Area January February March April May June July August Seven. Oct. Nov. Dec.
    Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai                                                
    Plain and Bangkok                                                
    East Coast (including Koh Tao)                                                
    West side                        
    Far South                                                


      Fresh dry season
      Hot dry season
      Rainy season (low rainfall)
      The rainy season
      (Heavy rain) rainy season

    Seasons and climate in Thailand and Koh Tao

    Let's start by briefly Thailand climate

  • From mid November to mid February : this is the season dry, some say fresh but it is a soft euphemism for in Thailand temperatures remain high throughout the year. It is also the best time to go on Thailand and Sun and blue sky are.
  • Between mid-March and mid May : this is the warmest season and Thai celebrates Songkran by throwing water on each other. In certain area temperatures can be hard to bear without air conditioning.
  • Between June and October It is the season of rains in Thailand. It's raining regularly see extensively throughout the North of the Thailand up to Bangkok. The West Coast is also regularly watered when she is not veiled and this is until end of November. Periods of beautiful thinning may occur for several days. On the East Coast (Thailand golf) the weather is warmer just as on the Pattaya region which enjoys a microclimate. Temperatures remain high, the rains are primarily nocturnal and the sky is often blue.
    Rare little violent typhoons that pass through the Thailand golf course in October or November The more violent typhoons place them over the center of the China Sea, far from the Gulf of Thailand
  • The southernmost approaching the equatorial climate of Malaysia is experiencing heavy rain October to mid January.
    To summarize: On Koh Tao, it's almost beautiful all the time except in October and November

  • For those interested in diving

  • The best time for visibility under water in the Gulf of Thailand is generally between February and August Single December and January usually gives a lower visibility. It is best to learn about the visibility a bit before leaving for the latter period can reserve good surprises
    Note also that the best seasons to go on the west coast, the Similan and Koh Phi Phi is late November to late April. Seabed beautiful but crowded during the high season. Idem, better learn a little forward visibility.
  • About the rain at Koh Tao
    It doesn't rain enough to Koh Tao and this sometimes causes a cutoff of water to tap when they are not fed by groundwater (non-potable waters). When it rains in Koh Tao is generally the evening after the lying in the Sun, when air is cooled 2 or 3 ° c, just after the visit of mosquitoes. It rains then to large drops for 15/20 minutes, very rarely for 1 hour, and in the morning everything is dry. In October and November It is sensible rain advantage. This can be as showers from some minutes to more than an hour. It may be in day or night.

  • The last weather actus in Koh Tao

    Posted 19 Jan. 2015 Weather point on Koh Tao on 19 January 2015

    The Sun wishes you a happy new year!

    Since our last point weatherthe time is is well accommodated in the spirit of Noel with a month of November under the gusts and storms, if not of snow.

    December was just as much in the theme with its rains and its clouds, which have been constantly scolding on Koh Tao.

    But don't panic, after the rain... the weather of course!
    Since early January the trend has returned to sunbathing, and climate is warm again. The good mood of the holidays reported this little cocktail of joy that we like so much. Remains still some fine rain around midday that falls sparingly. Nothing very annoying.

    For the next week ; The Sun will be plumb against the clouds that escape and a light morning rain is expected for Monday. As for the rest of the week, it will be rocked by a nice breeze, average force 4, that will make pleasant days lounging on the beach in our bathers.

    A breeze that should not alarm our hitch with bubbles, the sea will remain welcoming.

    And as so well put François Rabelais, "Everything comes to those who wait" indeed the beginning of the high season keeps its promises, and despite these crossing weather, the Sun returns, the island comes alive. A nice unit for enjoy the vacation in the tropics with an approaching mercury averaged 29 degrees celsius.

    The team of AquaTao wishes you a happy new year and a great week.

    Temperature, rain and sun at Koh Tao - Thailand
    Seasonal normals

      Average minimum temperature Average maximum temperatures Average temperature of the water Number of days where there has been at least 1 time rain Number of hour of sunshine a day
    January 21 ° c 31 ° c 27 ° c 8 8
    February 21 ° c 33 ° c 28 ° c 4 8
    March 22 ° c 35 ° c 28 ° c 5 8
    April 23 ° C 35 ° c 29 ° c 13 10
    May 24 ° c 34 ° c 29 ° c 16 8
    June 23 ° C 33 ° c 29 ° c 17 6
    July 23 ° C 32 ° c 28 ° c 16 5
    August 23 ° C 33 ° c 28 ° c 16 5
    September 23 ° C 32 ° c 28 ° c 19 5
    October 23 ° C 32 ° c 28 ° c 20 6
    November 23 ° C 30 ° c 28 ° c 20 8
    December 22 ° c 30 ° c 27 ° c 14 8

    atmosphere, disturbance, temperature, season, climate, pressure, Sun, rain, rain, precipitation, cloud, rain, drizzle, care, drizzle, flood, drache, sleet, wavy, storm, precipitation, rinsed, forecast weather, time that he made at this time or currently
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    Anonymous on

    April 20, 2011 19:26 Anonymous on said:
    Hello, really complete site and helping is preparing his trip! ^ July is it a month to enjoy the island and a bit of Sun? Thank you
    Anonymous on

    (View profile)
    Posts: 2
    From 08/08/2014
    August 08, 2014 18:39 Anonymous on said:
    2 -1
    Is that there are more wind in February and March to KO TAO?
    What is the best time for not having wind but not too world and bearable heat?
    Thanks for your reply
    Elodie on

    (View profile)
    Posts: 2
    Since 02/03/2015
    March 02, 2015 12:44 Elodie on said:

    I will be in Thailand the 1st week of the month of November, and wishes to train PADI open water.

    I saw that the months of October and November was the wettest... There is a real risk of bad weather at this time? You remember the conditions in the same period previous years?

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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