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Jansom Bay

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Nang Yuan Island Sairee Beach mae haad bay jansom bay cape jeda gang june juea chalok baan kao taa toh bay freedom beach shark bay sai daeng beach ao leuk hin wong bay sai nuan lang khaai bay Mango Bay
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It would be a shame to overlook Jansom Bay if you go to Koh Tao Good spot for snorkeling, Jansom Bay is a private beach open to the public for 200 baht. A few times they do not pay... An oversight? There are several beaches of this type to Koh Tao. This means that the range belongs to a jurisdiction and that the jurisdiction issues a few (often common sense) rules if you want to enjoy the beach. Here, ban on wearing flippers, In order to protect the coral. Possibility to rent a diving mask at the dive center of the spring, for bath 100 We would have liked to pay 50 baht, prices generally found elsewhere, but worth a look

Jansom Bay looks like a large creek. The beach, sand, water clarity, partThe cleanlinessNo complaints, except that the high rates of only restaurant in this beach

Not at all, you do not have to go and it takes at least a ride in the bay and why not stay in one of the two springs that surrounds and our eyes are the most beautiful is from Koh Tao!
Having absolutely: Charm Churee Villa and Bamboo Huts

Jansom Bay is close to Mae Haad. easy access by road, by motorbike, to Mae Haad, Go up the street at the Drop Zone Bar (the big yellow rock), then take the first right and it's straight. More than the stairs (a bit long) to slide down and you have arrived

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Charm Churee Village
Charm Churee Village
Jansom Bay is one of the most beautiful private beaches of Koh Tao. Spectacular views, turquoise waters filled with rich marine life, soft sand powder laced between the coconut trees, the rock formation and interesting
172 reviews for hotel
(Approx. 133 €)
No. 2
Koh Tao Bamboo Huts
Koh Tao Bamboo Huts
Koh Tao Bamboo Huts is the extraordinary resort surrounded with the rocks in the jungle by the emerald sea which is located on the Southwest cliff of Koh Tao called Jansom Bay. It is just 1 kilometer from Koh Tao Pier and only 10...
6 notice on this establishment
(Approx. 199 €)
No. 3
Jansom Bay Bungalows


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Posts: 1
Since 12/26/2010
Dec. 26. 2010 17:04 jeanmine said:
I will stay at the hotel CHARM CHUREE VILLAGE, there - it a ready dive centre because I want to contact them for prices
thank you
Member moderator

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Validated user
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Joined: 10/10/2010
Dec. 29. 2010 07:19 Charly said:
Charm Churee has a centre of diving within its purview. It is therefore sufficient to contact directly the jurisdiction to be in contact with the diving center.

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Posts: 1
From 06/01/2011
06 Jan. 2011 23:00 vietconnection said:
Hello and Happy New Year;
I go to Charm Churee tree next week and I hope to have details of the rental vehicle, scooter, car "people" without a driver and the conditions necessary (if you can answer) for diving in novice + rent speed boat for a tour of the island + snorkelling
thank you for your response
Member moderator

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Posts: 2950
Published articles: 737
Joined: 10/10/2010
07 Jan. 2011 06:27 Charly said:
>For transportation you will find all necessary information in the section: Getting Around Transport on the island
You will see that between the other one does not rent a car in Koh Tao
>For the speed boat and snorkeling tour is in the section: Activities Snorkeling
For the formalities for diving, request a medical certificate to your doctor. This certificate is the same for you and not for the dive center that worry will probably be asked not (unfortunately)

June 29, 2011 12: 34 Lolotte said:
I went to this hotel 10 days ago it is true that it is beautiful.
We were on Samui and have spent only one night on Koh Tao and we also regret not having reserved more time...
Travelled sentence 1 meter in water and it already has a multitude of fish at the foot... magic!
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