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Guide to Koh Tao diving rates

Popular Koh Tao

Baptisms From 1990 THB Compare prices »
Open Water From 9000 THB Compare prices »
Advanced Open Water From 8500 THB Compare prices »
A simple Fun Dive From 750 THB Compare prices »
Rescue Diver From 9500 THB Compare prices »
Divemaster From 25000 THB Compare prices »

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For those who already know what they can dive and want to use the selector to find diving offers one of the packages that we have identified

Over 500 offers by categories

  • Recreational diver training
  • Initiation and Baptism in recreational diving
  • Professional diver training
  • Diving for Children
  • First aid training
  • Specialty and Fun Dive
  • What dives can I do?
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    The guide allows to find out what you can do dives according to your level, and then compare the rates of offers diving

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    First dive

    Best Price:


    1990 THB

    See offers Discover Scuba Diving

    For adults and children the first dive allows you to discover the world of diving Made half a day and accessible from 8 years.

    Fun & Special Dive Trip

    Best Price:


    700 THB

    See offers Fun Dives

    For divers who already have a degree or equivalent and Open Water Fun Dives allow you to discover the seabed of Koh Tao. Trips of the day or half day are also available

    The 8-15 years

    Best Price:


    1990 THB

    See offers Junior

    There are many programs for children from 8 years. The baptism in the Open Water, too can become a certified diver Formation of 3 / 4 days for 12 years.

    Open Water

    Best Price:


    9000 THB

    See offers Open Water

    The Open Water is an internationally recognized qualification which gives the opportunity to dive with all dive centers in the world Formation of 3 / 4 days for 12 years.
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    Anonymous on

    On 06 nov. 2010 11:48 Anonymous on said:
    how many clubs this fact was it made? I know there are over 42! By cons, this does not mean that the best rates offer the best guarantees in terms of safety and professionalism
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    Validated user
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    Joined: 10/10/2010
    On 12 nov. 2010 17:01 Charly said:
    Compare the rates contained in a database fares dive center on Koh Tao that publish their prices on the Internet. Namely 27 diving centers. There are currently around 800 fares database. Also, dive centers do not change very rarely their official rates, those posted on their website. They change 2 times a year for "best". The prices you see on this page are the best rates found in the database
    Also thank you for reading this discussion: how to choose a dive
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