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    Cities / companies Bangkok Chumphon Lang Suan Koh Tao Koh Phangan Koh Samui Surat Thani
    Lompraya The Agency is soi Rambuttri
    close to Kao San Road
    Port of Thung Yai Mahkam   Port of Mae Haad Port of Thong Sala Port of Nathon and port of Mae Nam depending on the destination and the time Don Sak port
    Seatran Discovery The Agency is soi Rambuttri
    close to Kao San Road
    Pak Nam Port of lang Suan Port of Mae Haad Port of Thong Sala Port of Nathon  
    Song Serm   Port Tha Yang   Port of Mae Haad Port of Thong Sala Port of Nathon  
    Seatran Ferry           Port of Nathon Don Sak port
    Raja Ferry         Port of Thong Sala Port of Lipa Noi Don Sak port
    Ko Jaroen Car Ferry   Port Tha Yang   Port of Mae Haad      
    Night Boat   Port Tha Yang   Port of Mae Haad Port of Thong Sala   Port of Ban Don
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    Nathan on

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    Since 06/04/2016
    06 April 2016 20:26 Nathan on said:

    i would like to know about the night boat. leaving koh tao and getting to surat thani.

    how can i make a reservation?

    please let me know
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    By the One in Koh Tao

    15 Jul. Koh Tao imposes on professionals to treat their water...
    14 Jul. Towards the elimination of waste and safety...
    09 Jul. (1) An official hospital opens in Koh Tao...
    May 23 Training of SSI to Koh Tao diving instructor...
    26 March (2) Tao Festival 2017: A green festival...
    May 28 Koh Tao sur Google Street View...
    21 Feb. Jean Dujardin at Koh Tao for Brice de Nice 3...
    23 April (1) Koh Tao: 5th most beautiful island in the world and 1st ASI...
    24 Dec. (1) A diver died struck by a propeller...
    26 nov. 1 of the year 2015 to Koh Tao with The Experience Festiva...

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