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Guide to scams in Thailand

Immunize you against scam : If you read the whole of this page then you will be vaccinee against most of the scams in Thailand. Si vous √™tes confront√© √† 1 ou 2 des arnaques durant votre s√©jour, √ßa devrait √™tre le grand maximum. Certains vivent depuis 10 ans en Tha√Įlande et ne se sont jamais fait arnaquer ! D'autres se sont fait arnaquer au bout d'une heure... Cette page est un mixe des arnaques les plus racont√©es sur Internet (pour la plupart nous les avons exp√©riment√©es personnellement, malheureusement). Nous avons aussi exclus les "l√©gendes urbaines".

Side effect of the vaccine: Paranoia.

Profession scammer: Ils vous feront croire qu'aujourd'hui est un jour sp√©cial, ils ont l'air sympa, ils sont Tha√Į, Indiens, Asiatique, Europ√©en, Africain, seuls ou en groupes, avec ou sans complices, hommes ou femmes, jeunes ou vieux, bien habill√©, ou d'un look banal. Ils sont locaux ou d'un autre pays. Ils disent avoir une profession honn√™te, ils parlent bien anglais et parfois votre langue, ils sont peut-√™tre n√©s pr√®s de chez vous, ils sont parfois commer√ßants, expatri√©s ou se font passer pour des touristes, des fonctionnaires, des enseignants. Des fois ils vous demanderont de l'aide ou bien ils vous en donnerons. On leur donnerait le Bon Dieu sans confessions, parfois ils vous mettront en garde contre des arnaques et parfois ils vous apprendront m√™me √† en arnaquer d'autres. On ne peut pas les reconna√ģtre, ils sont diff√©rents de l'image que vous avez d'eux. N'essayez pas de les imaginer. Ils sont parmi nous. Ils vous ressemblent, ils me ressemblent, ce sont des √™tres d'une apparence ordinaire, mais eux ont choisi de passer ma√ģtre dans l'art de l'arnaque et de la manipulation. Ils abuseront de votre bon coeur, de votre confiance, de votre m√©connaissance de la Tha√Įlande et de la culture Tha√Įlandaise mais surtout de votre na√Įvet√©. Ils vous diront ce que vous voudrez entendre, ils vous mettront en confiance, vous manipuleront et vous ne verrez rien venir. Ils n'ont aucun scrupules et they don't only want one thing: your money.

Scams are not a problem in the Thailand. If Thais are not thief in the soul, some have developed talent to rip you off rather than steal. Cited scams are schemes where there are obvious dishonesty or breach of trust with schemes of scenarios in which you need to be willing. It will therefore speak not theft, credit card theft with drug use, theft of luggage transportation, pick-pocket. On speak of the use of false (false certificates of authenticity for jewelry, false tourist agencies..).

Remember in the field of the scam:

  • It is big and more do
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably that it is false
  • A good scam is one that will put you in confidence
  • An informed tourist is worth two
  • Rates are negotiated before delivery as anywhere in the world
  • If you feel the sting, go with a smile
  • If it turns to vinegar call the tourist Police: 1155

Recommended further reading: Survival Guide to Thailand


  1. The man who wished well
  2. The travel agent (TAT) conscientious
  3. The institution was closed
  4. The taxi meter
  5. A special day
  6. The tourist mowed
  7. The game of poker
  8. The part of Blackjack or the feathers slaughterer
  9. The licence can be purchased
  10. The false puller
  11. Those who wanted to show its generosity
  12. Those seeking love
  13. The scratch card
  14. The false leisure club
  15. The smart attendant
  16. The amnesiac scooter rental
  17. The Nice pedicure manicure on the beach
  18. The photo and the animals
  19. Electricity and water were the price of gold
  20. The blind man and the singer
  21. The Indian magician
  22. The pigeons of the Grand Palais
  23. The scam in the butt
  24. The color code
  1. The man who wished well : un chauffeur de tuk tuk vous indique qu'aujourd'hui c'est un jour sp√©cial en Tha√Įlande et que le gouvernement paie l'essence √† tous les Tuk Tuk. Ou autres chose. Quoi qu'il en soit le prix de la course est particuli√®rement bas. Le chauffeur vous propose de faire la tourn√©e des monuments. Vraiment g√©nial ce pays ! Vous imaginez d√©j√† la t√™te de vos amis quand vous leur raconterez tout ca. Et c'est partie pour la tourn√©e des monuments. Chemin faisant vous sympathisez avec le chauffeur et vous lui racontez qu'apr√®s Bangkok vous allez quitter la ville pour aller ailleurs (comme tous les touristes en fait). Il vous demande si vous avez d√©j√† book√© votre ticket et vous lui indiquez que √ßa n'est pas encore fait (comme 90% des touristes en fait). Le chauffeur, le coeur sur la main vous indique la meilleure agence de voyage et vous propose de vous y amener. Arriv√© √† l'agence le chauffeur vous demande un pourboire obligatoire. Normal, quand on travaille gratuitement.. et le pourboire demand√© est sup√©rieur au prix normal de la course. Bienvenue au club. Vous venez de passer du c√īt√© des membre actif de la communaut√© des touristes qui gobent tout ce qu'on leur dit.. et qui se font arnaquer. Consolez-vous : vous commencez d√©j√† √† d√©couvrir ce beau pays, c'est votre premier jour. (Variante : le chauffeur de Tuk Tuk ne demande pas de pourboire mais touchera une commission pour vous avoir amen√© √† une destination o√Ļ tout est plus cher). Suite de l'arnaque juste apr√®s... (arnaque vue √† Bangkok - Tha√Įlande)
    Known variant: one staff member (teacher or other) (it is more reassuring) offers help (with or without accomplices to give them credibility) and eventually lead you in a jewelry store you convincing that this is a day special (promotion on jewellery). Supporting documents can be many and the best known is to say that it is only once a year (for you to believe that you are lucky and need to buy now right away). The accomplices may be your nationality (vive fraternity) to provide false testimony which will put you in confidence. Eventually all will try to lead you in a trade where they affect commissions.
    Remember: Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk = + store + jewelry + = Tuk Tuk tourist office, someone who can help you trade + = Mistrust
  2. The travel agent (TAT) conscientious : You push the door of this (TAT) official travel agency and you begin to explain that you want booker a train to go in the North ticket. You pull out with a 2 weeks trip to go from North to South with hotel reservation. You want to get it to the backpacker but it went so well for the Agency... The agency advised you really well and she was also below the elbow of the letters of recommendation written in your language. Also you have the chance because listening to the agency it is really the high season. How would you have done without them? Arrived at your hotel your brain began to re - operate and something development you... You go on the Internet and you find that you actually paid twice the normal rate in this travel agency. You're disgusted, you sigh, you look away. Above your computer you will see a message written in red in English. This message you would warn against a common scam. Narrated scenario and one day you just pass... (scam seen in Bangkok - Thailand)
  3. The institution was closed : Monument, hotel, tourist attractions... Tuk Tuk or taxi drivers do not hesitate to let you know when they are closed. But it is getting better you in other places where they can receive a commission. The hotel may also burned: in Thailand, bigger is and more it happening. It is the scenery which allows it. (scam seen in Bangkok - Thailand, Chiang Mai - Thailand and everywhere where there are tourists in general)
  4. The taxi meter : You stop a taxi and give your destination. The driver announces a (exorbitant) price but as you are a tourist you do too know the rates, you therefore ask him to be sure the meter (meter). It tells you that it does not work... Send graze in the language of your choice and go your way. NB: in Bangkok taxis must put the meter. Take one in the circulation rather than those who are detained pending their prey.
  5. A special day : "le gouvernement offre la TVA aujourd'hui", "réduction sur l'or et les bijoux aujourd'hui seulement", "aujourd'hui les tuk tuk sont gratuit".. Vous ne trouvez pas que ça sent l'arnaque ! Règle d'or : Quant c'est trop beau pour être vrai, c'est probablement que ça n'est pas vrai.
  6. The tourist mowed : you have a tourist like you and he asks you to help. He lost his papers or his phone or his passport (or even one of the members of his family just be mit unjustly in prison) short he would need a little money because it is in garbage to handle the emergency. You are troubleshooting. 2 days after you see the same tourist ask the same thing to someone else... NB: If really a days you must Troubleshoot someone you do not know (already it's nice on your part) give no more than 60THB. With 60THB everyone can call (or email) to someone of his family or a friend for a money transfer in time. CQFD (scam to Koh Samui - Thailand and other variations seen in Bangkok - Pattaya - Thailand and Thailand)
  7. The game of poker ou n'importe quels jeux de cartes √† argent : vous √™tes seul(e) en Tha√Įlande et vous rencontrez un(e) Thai. Vous sympatisez. Pour un motif X ou Y il (ou elle) vous am√®ne dans sa famille (pour vous pr√©sentez √† quelqu'un ou parce qu'il/elle doit voir quelqu'un), "Chouette on va rencontrer une famille Tha√Į !" Arriv√© √† la maison, il y a une partie de carte qui se joue et ils ont justement besoin d'un partenaire. On vous donne une mise initiale pour vous mettre un pied dans l'√©trier. Jusque l√† c'est gratuit alors pourquoi dire non ? Finalement il s'av√©rera que vous allez devoir soit rembourser la somme soit disant donn√©e et aussi vous ne gagnerez jamais. Normal lorsque tout le monde est de m√®che et triche contre vous ! (Arnaque vue √† Bangkok - Tha√Įlande et dans les alentours) NB : Dites non aux jeux d'argents.
  8. The part of Blackjack or the feathers slaughterer: the story begins as the story of the game of poker. But again, the Player family of card offers you learn to cheat at cards! They insist. Good. After a few minutes a person arrives at the House and they are understanding that they will plumer the person who arrives, cheating, and with your help. They insist. It is embarrassing. The sensible person be plumer has just put on the carpet and you are sure to win with your accomplices indices, it is your turn to speak. You bet everything and you still type in your currency door to get the last and win. It shows maps and the person to be plumer WINS finally. Have your partners given you poor indices? And Yes, it is you who you have been plumer in any elegance. And you have nothing to say because not only the money games are banned in Thailand but more you tried to rip off someone. (view in Bangkok - Thailand scam). NB: Say no to money games.
  9. The licence can be purchased : La Tha√Įlande est vraiment un pays formidable et tout peut s'acheter. Certains vous proposent de vous vendre un permis de conduire international. Finalement le document fourni n'a pas de valeur l√©gale. (arnaque vue √† Pattaya - Tha√Įlande) et l'auteur de cette arnaque √† un mandat d'arr√™t contre lui (info trouv√©e sur Internet sur plusieurs sites).
  10. The false puller : A reel presents you a real diving center while you make a trip to go to the Islands, you are in the boat. You are seduced by the offer of this dive centre and it will ask you a sum of money against a receipt, a kind of reservation or in advance. Arrived at the dive center, it ignores the existence of this reel. (view of the Islands - Thailand scam) NB: The honest touts do normally not require you money. (source:) http://www.Phangan-Guide.com/ )
  11. Those who wanted to show its generosity : Vous √™tes c√©libataire (ou pas..) et en Tha√Įlande les bars √† filles sont nombreux. Vous n'y connaissez encore pas grand chose √† ce milieu mais tout le monde √† l'air sympa la premi√®re fois (et les suivantes) o√Ļ vous y allez. 1 verre, 2 verres.. 5 verres, tout le monde est joyeux et vous voulez faire la diff√©rence et montrer votre grand coeur. Vous payez une tourn√© g√©n√©rale, puis une autres puis une autre. Dans ces conditions l√† tout le monde vous aiment ; vous ou autre chose. Vous repartez de ce bar bien √©m√©ch√© et bien content de tout √ßa. Allons regarder bien.. tout le monde est sobre, sauf vous ! Bravo vous venez de payer plein pot des tourn√©s d'eaux min√©rales color√©es. (arnaque vue dans les bars √† fille et d√©voil√© par une ex du milieu)
  12. Those seeking love : On ne s'√©tendra pas trop sur le sujet du farang (nom donn√© √† l'√©tranger √† la peau blanche en langue Tha√Į) qui tombe amoureux d'une fille de bar, relat√© dans de nombreux ouvrages ou site Internet et qui fini par se faire plumer. On ne peut que vous encourager √† apprendre la langue Tha√Į si vous d√©sirez avoir une relation amoureuse avec une fille du pays du sourire. Nommons simplement quelques indices louches : la fille tombe amoureuse de vous le premier soir, le fille vous demande de l'argent r√©guli√®rement, la fille re√ßoit des coups de t√©l√©phone √©trange et des fois √† des heures tr√®s tardives. La fille vous demande d'ouvrir un commerce avec elle. C'est une arnaque qui se mange bien chaude et elle peut √™tre couv√© des mois avant d'√™tre √† bonne temp√©rature. NB : √©vitez les bars √† fille.
  13. The scratch card : Ca commence sur la plage ou dans la rue avec un jeu √† gratter. Forc√©ment vous avez de la chance et vous gagnez.. et si vous ne gagnez pas ils trouveront une excuse pour vous dire que vous avez le droit √† une autre chance.. mais pour gagner le lot il faut aller dans un h√ītel o√Ļ on vous fera un bourrage de cr√Ęne pour vous vendre des vacances √† vie (time-share) (arnaque vue sur les √ģles - Tha√Įlande). Il y a plein de variantes de gain et vous finissez toujours pas payer. Ceux qui pratiquent cette arnaque peuvent √™tre assez agressif. (arnaque vue dans les stations baln√©aires - Koh Samui - Phuket - Pattaya - Tha√Įlande).
  14. The false leisure club : Some diving clubs use illegally some logos of ranking PADI or PADI logo. Some Thai patterns are either saying the Nice logo and think that this condition is sufficient to display in their shop. Any club must be able to prove that it appears in the directory (via Internet including) PADI. (scam view to Koh Phangan - Thailand - source): http://www.Phangan-Guide.com/ )
  15. The smart attendant : When you ask 100THB of gasoline for your scooter, think to look at the counter of the fuel pump. Otherwise it may well be that the attendant does not serve you the amount that you paid. It does so express or not, made attention. (view on the Islands - Thailand scam)
  16. The amnesiac scooter rental : Attention to a State of correct when you rent a scooter. Of rental companies do not hesitate to charge you repair for problems which you are not responsible for. A single solution: take pictures of the scooter during the State of the premises and in the presence of the rental. The honest rental no there will be no problem. (view all in Thailand scam)
  17. The Nice pedicure manicure on the beach : the nice lady comes up to you and starts to check the status of your fingers (hand or foot), it "check". Then she starts to do its job without even having negotiated price. Stop his work and negotiate the tariff if you want it pampers you (which is also very nice :). Rates not negotiated on the beach are as salty as the sea. (scam beach front - Thailand). Scam nice but unpleasant. Negotiate before you enjoy!
  18. The photo and the animals: Photos with wild animals are often paid and the seller (watch carefully, it has a camera around his neck) only warns you any time. Systematically ask to avoid unpleasant surprises (scam in tourist sites in Thailand).
  19. Electricity and water were the price of gold : You stay more than a month in Thailand in the same place then you chose to take a small house to rent with a rate in the month as you are clever. The charges are not included then you will pay the charges at the end of the month, normal. Arrived at the end of the month the landlord announce a rate more than 10 times the normal rate. What about when you have not even asked to pick up the counters by you even... (scam views of Koh Tao and Chiang Mai - Thailand). NB: the charges included it is more simple. Make meter reading to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  20. Blind and singer: They are two. She is blind, it, singing into a microphone with a portable device of the year 60 to the sound of Pan wandering among the people. They do pity and are given the room. Beware, they are sometimes not more crippled than you and me. Finally... I hope that it will. (scam seen in Koh Samui). NB: If one day two they would not Exchange roles, the scam another may not have been unmasked. Some are really crippled.
  21. The Indian magician : An Indian calls you on the street saying "You know you are a lucky person". Whether you know it already or not, do not stop. You end up paying dearly for seeing what is ultimately a well-crafted magic trick. (Scam to Kao San Road in Bangkok - Thailand) NB: If you're a fan of magic so why not ... he can also do away with the money
  22. The pigeons of the Grand Palais : A la sortie du Grand palais de Bangkok la vielle dame vous donne (un peu de force) des graines dans la main pour que vous les donniez aux milliers de pigeons afin les voir s'envoler et faire une belle photo. Finalement ca vous coutera 200THB. Ne pas dire que quelque chose est payant, c'est aussi une fa√ßon d'arnaquer. (arnaque vue √† Bangkok - Tha√Įlande)
  23. The cigarette scam: Vous marchez dans Bangkok avec une cigarette √† la main. Une fois fini vous agissez en bon citoyen du monde et vous roulez votre clope pour mettre le m√©got dans votre poche parce qu'il n'y a pas de poubelle tous les 10 m√®tres. 20 secondes plus tard un mec en uniforme d√©barquant de nulle part vous interpelle en disant "no littering !" et appel du renfort. Ce monsieur aveugl√© par son exc√®s de z√®le veut vous coller une amende pour avoir jet√© votre m√©got par terre. Montrez lui le m√©got pour lui clouer le bec. Et si vous n'avez pas de m√©got sur vous.. tampis pour vous (arnaque vue √† Bangkok - Tha√Įlande) NB : De toute fa√ßon fumer c'est pas bon pour la sant√© :)
  24. The color code: This is not a scam but rather an anecdote not proven by us but talked on some English-speaking forums. At this stage, consider it more like an urban legend. Here's the story: when you do your shopping in a market in Bangkok, vendor updates your purchases in a bag. The color of the bag is color coded to notify other merchants. Bag Black = you have no money or you are stingy. Bag white = neutral color. Blue = bag you still have money to spend. Green = bag you have a lot of money. Yellow = bag you still have money to spend. End of the legend.

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Posts: 2
From 04/07/2011
Jul 04. 2011 16:11 Chrysamina said:
Several taxis Park permanently in front of our hotel in Bangkok Rembrandt Hotel (Sukhumvit). They harass us constantly to visit different sites; We fashion them politely, but one morning we have ceded us to bring to the floating market in about 2 hours. Bargaining that eventually a suitable agreement at the level of the taxi fare. Once there, home by a Switzerland that proposes us a ballad to a 1/2 hour on the channels for an astronomical price (3000 baths per person) on a boat fast without charm and crowded of tourists. We are soon left with our taxi without buying the ballad and after screaming this Switzerland profiteer, moreover, taking us top. Avoid absolutely. Scam.

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Posts: 3
From 09/08/2011
August 09, 2011 16:11 celinehihihi said:
1 -1
From Koh Tao to the return of Phuket plane we took a ticket including the transfer Koh Tao - Surrathani (ferry) - Surrathani - Phuket (mini van). Arrived at 5: 30 in Surrathani, a car came pick us up for us in another port where had taken us our tickets. Two hours later, another car came to pick us up for file us in a "false" agency, which had sprocket on street. Those involved in our transfer tried to make us lose patience and to us again pay transfer Surrathani Phuket. At 10 am we were still pending. A lady we took separately in his Office and we cried over it. After asking to take us for idiots, 4 guys rushed on my husband, with a hammer in hand. My husband was able to Dodge several times. Then, they tried to separate the present French by leaving a group of 3, for having no witnesses. My husband joined the 3 French out by saying: "they are trying to separate us." There, the driver, gives him a right by saying "you don't have the right to talk about". Then, 3 other guys rappliques, cogne, including one which he breaks a Chair plastic figure. The police arrived. Result: at the station, despite 6 witnessed the scene, the bandits violent came away very quickly with a fine of 1000 baths and confiscated hammer. During our wait at the station, we telephoned the Embassy of France hung that us up several times in the face, after falling on a Lady of the Embassy who put note call in doubt and we screamed over the phone. We feel out with more than fear of evil but very shocked of this gratuitous violence.
Attention therefore during transfers!
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Posts: 2
From 22/02/2012
22 Feb. 2012 10:51 NOLS said:
Attention January 2012 Bangkok rip-off with trade export "first sapphire factory"...
This is not normal years, these networks are apparently... YOU HAVE TO BEAT US!
Must be that all reported the facts to the tourist police Bangkok by mail to in France embassies, consulates, in police stations, and move the message to travel agencies! (made a single letter and then copy and send). We have 3 years (statement of tort law) to share! Respond!
Internet was, but it is too late for future tourists....

Tourist Police
CMIC Tower, 209/1 Street Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke)
Emergency number: 1155 (from 8: 30 am to 16: 30 h)
Tel: 0 2664-4000
Office of Tourism Development (Tourist Office)
154 rue Rama 1.
Patumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 0-2214-0193
Fax: 0 2216-5515
To file a complaint:
E-mail: webmaster@mots.go.th or
P.O. Box 345, Rongmeung Post, Bangkok 10330

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) (National Office of tourism of Thailand)
(in English only)
1600 rue New Phetchaburi, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Telecentre TAT: 1672 (from 08.00 h to 20.00 h)
Tel: 0 2250-5500 (120 lines)
Fax: 0 2250-5511
E-mail: center@tat.or.th

Department of Internal Trade (Department of national trade)
Monitoring and Operation Office (Office of the control and operations)
Mr. Manat Soiploy, Director
2 rue Maharaj
Bangkok 10200
(The entrance of the Court is located to the South of Wat Pho and North of the police station)
Tel: 0 2622-2424, fax. : 0 2622-2413
Email: manats@dit.go.th

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (Office of the Council for the protection of consumers)
Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10300 (at the Ministry of education)
Tel: 0-2281-0580, 0-2281-3229, 0 2281-4540
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Posts: 2
From 03/04/2012
April 03, 2012 15:07 SUSU on said:
We had a flight on the 29/03 to 00 05 h Thai and we arrived 29/3 to 20 h; therefore 00.05 was the flight of 30/03...
With a blind husband, we should absolutely go there tonight: all the Thai aircraft were overbooked so has proposed us a flight on the Royal Jordania to the price of 95790baths for 2. It had no choice to leave this evening is rebuilt. Now that I look at the price of the flight return of this company, I realize that it is 800? and we have paid as a return to 1200?
It was more that scammed, what recourse can we have?
Thank you for your answers.
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stek sur

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Posts: 3
From 27/04/2012
27 April 2012 14:28 stek sur said:
in most of the countries, hotels rooms that rent for 24/h! of 12 h a12h (noon) in a hotel of bangkok, (koasand road) I have quitté a 11: 30 .the ' hotel, does my step dropped, so he adds 250 baths, claiming me that my room it was in the part, or cleaning starts at 11 h, after 15 minutes of discussion, I've finally surrendered! other people, derrieres, I left this hotel, and have also experienced the same fate.
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nanou on

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Posts: 2
From 14/08/2012
August 14, 2012 23:19 nanou on said:
A l? Krabi airport we decide to take a bus to Ko Phi Phi Pier: 4 agencies in the hall, one proposing circuits and hotels, alongside a bus where we buy our go, two taxi. A crowded bus waiting for us and we file all the passengers in a court in a State agency where we are asked pressing us to pay 400 baths per person for the boat. We are only two on this destination, need to hurry us, the boat is ready to go. We ride in an air-conditioned van which filed us with the pier: "Quickly, quickly" we press another individual that takes the relay, he led us to the ticket office. We l? don't know, because we have our s ticket in hand. We run because the boat sounds initially. The last Office refused us passage, take our tickets for the boat, we show him that the State Agency gave us. Not valid us addresses the snowman the telephone hand to delay the departure "quickly, quickly", we understand that if we want to go, will take to fulfil us a second time in the 400 baths per person.
Beautiful scam probably types of the State Agency and the pier are in cahoots. damage there employees so unscrupulous that taint the reputation d? honesty than "found more often in Thailand." Where can do us officially back the information that other people do to make pigeonner? Thank you
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regular at the Thaillande on

Sept. 25. 2012-13:39 regular at the Thaillande on said:
Pattaya, my husband made operations for a withdrawal with some hesitation (it does control not English). While BC I tells what he has to do it. A charming perfectly French speaking gentleman gave us its services... we requesting the code No and what it would take to do the operation.
We're not done we have, I immediately stope operation and insult this gentleman who still thread a
card in the PLC after the passage of another client.
Always go to two withdraw money or go to the counter.
cricri31470 on

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Posts: 2
Since 05/10/2012
On 05 oct. 2012 15:43 cricri31470 on said:
1 -1
Hello I tell you a scam of all beauty...
with my partner and our two kids we are going 3 times in Thailand. the shot of the TukTuk was there right but knowing the scam we play we also and have given 10 bahtt the driver and there we walk everywhere even in the shops but it Mido are biznes!
the bus scam I'm talking about 70% the thais! We conducted a route of bangkok has Surathani when I went to the tennis because I speak Thai it my propose the same rates but in VIP! has our arrive after 11 p.m. travel bus staff quickly emptied the bag and are partyie less than 10 minutes! normal we we are sleeping in VIP and the it we are open discreetly the backpack and find one in a stash the sum of 200 euro then make sure a same price of VIP you mirror there is a grid just before your foot... I repard February 1 has Chiang Mai on a volunteer mission that is thank you has this site which advise you well!
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Stef on

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Posts: 3
Since 11/06/2012
On 06 nov. 2012 00:54 Stef on said:
Hello, I would like a small intelligence on your part if this is possible because I've just been scammed sentimental which made me lose 1600 euros (63000 baths) in Pattaya and I would like to know who I should contact with regard to my case... (tourist police, office of tourism, tour operator with which I bought my stay at the hotel Embassy, hotel or she worked?)

If you allow me, I will tell you my story...

I went to Pattaya in February 2012 and I met a charming receptionist (Bee Bee) at the hotel or I was down with that I got out for 3 weeks during my stay. Back in Paris, almost every day we were in touch via webcam on the net and this until October 18, 2012. In the meantime, I went back to see her for 4 weeks in July and as we were very in love, I decided to invite him to Paris for 3 months and she agreed.

The deal was this: she had just 3 months in Paris all expenses paid and end of January I had to return to thailand with her for 3 months also result if everything was ok, were married, and it was a small family because she wanted to have children with me, his statements.

On the advice of a friend French living in Pattaya, I did call to a lady who is responsible to make representations to the Embassy of France to get the visa and to assist the foreigner in Pattaya (price: 15000 baths for this service). I sent him a complete folder with all the documents including the certificate of accommodation to invite my girl friend.

Bee Bee gave all his papers, his passport, her specially to come, and the certification of the hotel where she worked that authorized it to take 3 months of holidays without pay.

On receipt of all the doccument, the lady called me to tell me that my friend had no money on his account (less than 10 euros in baths) and that without money visa would refuse. She advised me to send 50,000 baht to Bee Bee and as it seemed coherent, I sent 63000 Baths in 3 mandates this sum including 15000 baths for this lady.

My girlfriend received the money and of course she was super happy and I told him not to spend this money because this sum should allow us to get the visa. She told me that it makes me it...

10 days later vicinity, 15 days of departure, while we were almost all day in contact by internet and telephone, it tells me that there is a problem and that his mother (who is a 4 hour drive from Pattaya) wants more she left in Paris because she is afraid for her daughter and that she wants she left Pattaya to return to the village where she live. She also told me that her mother cries every day... (I do not believe a moment.) (She had to come from November 1 to January 28, 2013).

She has me so said that she was going to speak again with his mother and 2 days later she confirmed that she will not come and that she will return to her village. I am extremely disappointed and surprised because everything was going well between us and I was sure that she was going to Paris and I was wrong. I asked him why 2 days before this telephone conversation she had erased me his Facebook? She told me that his mother had asked him to cut off all contact with me... (I don't understand more now if she got what she wanted, my money and that it could me zaper no regrets 8 months after having made acquaintance).

I told him that I couldn't force him to like me or even to come and I asked me return my money after having set 15000 baths to the lady who dealt papers and she told me it was that left him the equivalent of 30,000 baht on the 48000 remaining and asked me how much I wanted that it returns me...

I told him I was going to think about and the contact again the next day. I phoned the hotel 2 days later and told me that she was no longer working at the hotel because she had resigned to return to see his mother. (again several days later by being someone else and told me the same thing).

I have more means of contact because she deleted me from his facebook, Skype, Messenger and his phone is off permanently.

I am deeply affected by this event and I do not intend to leave it at that because I am a victim of abuse of weakness and a scam (to love), and I now understand why some men, somewhat weakened by such an emmotionel shock may make irreparable mistakes.

I loved this girl but I think that was not reciprocated and I plan to prevent the direction of his hotel because I think that it is still and see at the Pattaya tourist police to make them part of this scam because I own everything.

What are the steps that I might perform and from whom, in order that that person can no longer perform again this type of scam and let victims KB?

Thank you to have priced a little of your time in reading my story and giving me your advice...

Kind regards!

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Anonymous on

04 Jan. 2013 11:04 Anonymous on said:
Well led, 2 English make us scratch card and hopefully I have super, super map. an iphone 5 or ipad 2 (a little old anyway) or even money!
Brief holiday started well!
Only their willingness to go to the hotel recover the lot, we put the chip has the ear!
The only regret is that have given our first names, the hotel where we were and even professional personal info!
Finally, a small message here to keep informed visitors!
Then we cross a few of their accomplices!
I believe that the best is to make them understand that they are now known, they are on the internet (thanks to the net!) and that the only solution for them is to find a more honourable and surely more profitable work!
This is thanks to this site and other scams here and elsewhere!
A Word to the wise!
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Julie on

15 Jan. 2013 03:47 Julie on said:

We decide a friend and me to get to the Grand Palace.
After arrival, before a door we try to now the entry up to that a nice homma approaches us for we say that the temple is close and it will open only about 1500 / 15 h 30.
Pissed off and not knowing the corner and having three hours ahead...
They sees us pissed off we are asked if we have a map. Naturally made us a small route telling us of other places to see a little boat ride to do and we will arrive to open battery!
Its seemed not bad it puts us in a Tuk you 40 cheap bat! you arrive at the boat and it was realized on the way that there are a significant number of tourist in the same place and from the same place as us. Strange but at the same temp if it is close we're all in the same case.

Boat ride seemed expensive 2000 fights for two people is successful a negotiate 1300 bat for two but hardly!

And the ballad began we had said that it would see times ect during the round you saw nothing!

However we encounter other boats much more filled our we were single and we had understood that it was really a scam! Arriving at the temple they asked a place filled with shop we buy nothing.

We were hungry and decided to eat, at the restaurant we outta a French acquaintance they also proved that they have do rip off! And we disse that the temple would soon be closing down!

We leave as fast, we find it difficult to find the entrance to the temples, I did not eat so I buy something on the road that me please not, and gives also tot to a tuk tuk driver asked him or the came at the same time and told me that the time is close! the I start to annoy me!

There are finally enters or they disse that doors will close in 5 minutes!

Really shocked that we can do us miss our program, we had trouble has to rely... The temple was open from 8 h 30 to 15 H...

We finally eventually see the temple and meet others in the same case that we or having suffered another scam. Of the kind more room in any hotel a Phuket but it knows a super Agency, the cost of the temple close...

So here is a little disappointed in the beginning on bangkok.
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yannrong on

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Since 04/02/2013
04 Feb. 2013 11:38 yannrong on said:
2 -1
A Belgian (loei, amjolianne or Olivier following forums) n? disliked his own country. He decided to s? go abroad and living d? scams to survive. Follower of the tropical country, there? first selected the French West Indies for s? install. L? man was gifted and knew to manipulate people. The Caribbean, initially naive, are left to have. But in the end d? a moment, they understood what? was this white from the country of the sintered. And they wanted revenge. The Belgian n? had his salvation qu? to the leak. It s? is then installed in Thailand, Phuket, and met his wife, a whore d? one of the poorest regions of northeastern Thailand, namely Loei.
There he played on the naivety of people with great art. Through the internet, he met people and them was confident that his province was the most beautiful place in the world. Canadian lawyer accused d? stabbed his mother, and that s? is also a refugee in the northeast of the Thailand to escape his past, l? helped indirectly (and s? en repented thereafter).
Through his internet forum, the Belgian hooked a couple of naive French in them by dangling the ' hen to the? ufs d? or. He used l? Canadian lawyer as naive as the couple of French, to persuade these last d? buy a plot of 13 rai (a rai = 1600 meters square) 40,000 euros on behalf of his wife, l? ex whore of Phuket, which he told that c? was a very cultivated Thai who earned 30,000 baths a month before meeting him and had left his lucrative job out of love for him fell. This poor couple had been persuaded by the Belgian qu? they could build a resort (hotel) that would bring them a package of thunes l? future.
Tipped d? a moment they saw qu? they s? were swindled (is not alone in s? be made by the Belgian but on this scale if) and wanted to retrieve their ball. L? lawyer Canadian, about helping them, s? deflates as soon as the Belgian l? denounced by recalling his past by internet to everyone. But the two French were really gooey and n? have l? air almost d? abandon. Case to follow?
Denis on

May 27, 2013 14:46 Denis on said:
It has not only scams in Thailand...
I have been personally several times and last year I fell asleep has happen it in a minibus in the morning I get our suitcases and realize a few moment later I have "forget" the suitcase containing... my macbook, ipad, camera, gopro, and 2000 euros... BIG big big STRESS, after searching the minibus for more than an hour without success, I enter DISGUST at the guesthouse and the receptionist thai told me that he has found the minibus and that my suitcase arrives within 5 min, what has been done and all was stay in without no VOL... There are mostly honest and straight people in Thailand, strongly the month of November I return. Good holiday to all.
Eddy on

Sept. 13. 2013 09:41 Eddy on said:
I bought a condo in Thailand and no problem but you need to know is surrounded by competent people
Templier12 on

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From 17/09/2013
Sept. 17. 2013 07:54 Templier12 on said:
Hi all.
Yes, scams exist in Thailand, but it is the same as elsewhere.
Go to Benidorm, Marrakech, Saint Domingue or Antananarivo for example, and you will find much the same.
Of course there are some of our compatriots without faith nor law, accomplices or perpetrators of these grabs-c..., but it is for everyone to stay on these guards.
A bit of gumption, a too good case, keep calm, think twice, and it will be fine!
When flights, only caution in phasis you, as in any country of the world also.
Accustomed to the Thailand for 20 years, I met charming, honest and hospitable people.
An example? Very very packed during an evening in a Pattaya gogo, I returned to the hotel with my GF to 02.00 of the mast. The next day around 09:00 I realize that I had lost my purse with AFN, smartphone and cash (30000Bhts...). First instinct, go to the tourist police. My cops told me "wait, I take your scoot and I'll see to the gogo".
40 minutes later she came back with my COMPLETE case.
No need to tell you that the same evening we handed it to the gogo, a party to any break, and since the boss has become a buddy (fishing, diving, restaurants, weekly correspondence, Motocross...), selfless I specify.
It's been 4 years that it lasts, it's great to have real friends there, and return to them once or twice year.
Stay cautious (as in France...), stay true, humble and correct, the Thailand is a great country, most of its inhabitants are super, I somewhat tired to see constantly denigrate this home land, dream creatures, not always venal, smooth and with a kindness in incomparable.
cagou66 on

On 16 nov. 2013 07:48 cagou66 on said:
Eaton yes they are many people who have denounced the LOEI OLIVIER but few were listening
Maintennt these same people biting the fingers and cry and l other enc * is ballad the hands in pockets
Michael44 on

August 01, 2014 16:20 Michael44 on said:
1 -1
Behind the smiles of thais hide great ferocity.
Jojo on

On oct 25. 2014-15:57 Jojo on said:
twice I am go to Thailand is I would say at least 1 day on both y' someone who tries a scam, kind of the taxi meter works or the other classic stuff but vigilant as y' has no problem and should not be is angry and go serenely.
Me and that I feel something weird I not ask myself the question I order all or I checked by me same hotel full, if I have a doubt I'll see, I flee from the person who wants to help me and insists without knowing if it is a person or not.
overall I have a very good view of thai especially after having spent a month in India or the scams is all day long and it is mentally exhausting, Thailand a regia has quoted. but good normal with some tourists who treat the locals as a shit because they have some money I understand that the poor also want to have money!
boubiz on

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From 27/01/2015
27 Jan. 2015 22:28 boubiz on said:
SHIT! IES guys should not be con taillande 75% of women have some relationship with Westerners only for money
of the that a thai falls in love with you (not even in a dream) she prefers a ugly thai man than a beautiful Western
made you plez on-site but not dreaming, that said c a super country that I recomande onne vac has everything
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Ric on

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On 10 oct. 2015 15:03 Ric on said:
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anniepier on

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From 21/11/2015
Nov. 21. 2015 16:01 anniepier on said:
I take a taxi to floating market of Damnoen Sadouak asking me 1500 bath round-trip from Bangkok. I accept when arriving, asked me bath 4000 for entrance of the market, more than one entrance to Eurodisney, I see that I'm made me swindled but I take the boat anyway?
I'm going to complain police tomorrow for this abusive taxi driver!
haira on

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Since the 11/28/2016
Nov 28. 2016 19:30 haira on said:
We arrived was koh samui 5 days ago now and surprise one of our suitcases were missing, 17 nights stay, one of our suitcases had clothes well arrival, the second the shoes and bags a hands of my wife who loves to change often for outings, airport called us to tell us that the suitcase was good arrival and we had to go to the airport , we have summer receipts in a locked key cabin a man was held and was waiting to firm up, and asked us to open the suitcase, it life quickly and asked us to justify the amount of shoes of my wife, we confirm to him that normal my wife change often, however he was not in agreement with our version , we didn't understand, note that the shoes have already been brought and they were number 8 pairs, what of alarm, but here this dear Sir tells me that we can only start from koh samui if we do not pay the amount, read, 200 000 bats imagine for used shoes, if we do not pay this amount within 24 hours punishable by 10 years in prison, even better, then the shot you can imagine our head, so a nice person our taxi was called a french friend to whom I explains the case and told go to the tourist police, who has called repeatedly airport that will make move a Commissioner of police, for shoes to 5 euros on amazon , and I called the Consulate me recommend it if it was wrong to take a lawyer out of the territory, the ca starts to go far, as a result of the next episode, in all ca me I can tell you that my wife and I mm chant more ever a foot in this country of thief, all the restaurant are overpriced and dgeulasses beaches not cheaper than france, the times mm more, welcome a koh samui pigeons.

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From 18/01/2017
18 Jan. 2017 14:38 PHOEBUS on said:
Hello. We are in Hua Hin since 18-12 - 2016 until 8 mars2017. We pay the balance on arrival, and cash, is the remaining half. Electricity and water, remaining all the end of the month. Apartment very noisy, practically no way to cook food. Unable to extend our end of stay (March 8) cannot be extended, I asked for the refund of the rental. I their ais also said I was going to the police, and, I will, but for now, I'm waiting. For now I do not give the name of the Agency, but she is known in Hua Hin, and also in Bangkok. If you have any tips... of course I didn't give more specific details. But the Police can help me. I also stated that the rental is paid until April 30, 2017.
I hope in your advice and support... Thank you
Cyndi on

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From 24/04/2017
April 24, 2017 13:30 Cyndi on said:
Hello to all

I come to attest to the competence of a person. Some may believe that I came for him to advertise yes I accept because it really deserves to succeed especially as there to realize my v? u the most expensive within a semaine.il there 4 me
that my friend had cut off all contact with me because he had fallen in love with another girl name Pamela in her place of work. After a little argument on this subject there decide to break completely with me. while I still deeply loved him. I couldn't stand it. one day I was wandering on the net when I'm falling accidentally on an ad talking about return of l? be loved. without you lying from the beginning I had not cut out important has that. but I had when even keep the contacts of the gentleman. While the days passed I had more trouble because friends often came to tell me that they come to see my ex with Pamela and they looked very much in love. without a second thought I decided to contact the man because as said a proverb "nothing venture nothing has nothing" that's how he ask our information for a consultation without doubt I provided him everything he needed. 5 days after the use of the product I received a text from my kind of certificate "was just a little Hello Hello Hello how are you?" In short anything of this sort. I don't believe I have explained this to the gentleman who was Advisor to not respond that it is the first sign. 2 days rained late this time if it is appealed. I didn't pick up because the gentleman had defended me in his and its deities so I'll say everything is has resume has zero. I followed his advice. but the third day I was in my garden doing playback as usual when it came. I automatically recognized the sound of his car. He was alone I pretend nothing had happened. He went well I welcome and as usual I came to visit you. Since that time he m? sends messages constantly and trying to call me and that's how we took little bit our relationship. I learned later he was arguing with the other girl and they are no longer together. Today he's crazy about me and I'm even a child of him. so if I can tell all this is to make you believe that there are still true. You can have this master service to resolve your dispute. I'll let his email:



Good luck!!!
Syssou on

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From 25/06/2019
June 25, 2019 00:09 Syssou on said:
We do a road trip of two weeks and we had at the moment of interesting meetings with Thai people. On the other hand we are somewhat on our reservation about the attitude of tourists who are for the most part rather cold and not friendly.
I forgot my bag of memories on a table outside to chatuchak market and when I came back to pick it up it had been set aside by the very honest server. During our d visit to Bangkok we were accompanied by a guide who taught us to negotiate what we bought. Today we Kao Tao and we will rent a scooter, this seems to be the ultimate test! to follow...
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Rambo on

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From 03/07/2019
Jul 03. 2019 10:38 Rambo on said:
Urgent info to victims of scams on the internet
Please contact (RAMBO) (Directorate-General of competition, consumption and Repression of fraud) to file a complaint. If the scammer is the subject of several complaints, an investigation can be opened and the scammer may be pursued. For all your different problems of scam you were victim contact the office for a refund of the triple double. web site: www.signaloipcs.wordpress.com
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