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Chalok Baan Kao

Carabao Dive Resort
13 comment (s) | vu 36543 fois
Carabao Dive Resort est un centre de plongée francophone sur l'île de Koh Tao. Fort de plus de 15 ans d'expérience et une équipe d'instructeurs français expérimentée, Carabao Dive Resort met tout en oeuvre pour faire de vos vacances un souvenir inoubliable. Convivialité, profess...

Mae Haad Beach

Aqua Tao
18 comment (s) | vu 37756 fois
Aqua Tao is a centre of scuba diving, snorkeling and apnea 100% French. Aqua cat offers snorkeling in Speed-Boat trips (flippers, mask and snorkel: PMT), day for the tour of the island and half all framed by a professional guide...

Sairee Beach

French Kiss Divers
50 Comment (s) | vu 53837 fois
FKD est un club francophone, avec des instructeurs français, belges et suisse. Nous offrons des formations personnalisées à tout niveau du baptême de plongée au cours d'instructeur, ainsi que des plongées loisir pour les plongeurs certifiés PADI, SSI, FFESSM, ANMP et tout autre organisation r...

Chalok Baan Kao

French Kiss Divers Chalok
2 Comment (s) | vu 29740 fois
French Kiss miscellaneous on Chalok branch is open since March, 2014. This strong club of eight years experience in professional on Koh Tao diving and worldwide through its Director of training and owner Wilfried HERVE, offers training at any level...
Alvaro Diving      
Big Bubble Dive      
Buddha View Diving      
New Heaven Dive School      
Reef Rider      
Samui Diving Service      
Scuba Diversion      
Various sunshine      
Marie and lower      

January Som

Charm Churee Villa      


Dive Wishes and More....      

Mae Haad Beach

Adventure Diving      
Blue Diamond Dive Resort      
Golden Others      
Crystal Dive Resort      
Dive Point      
Easy Divers      
Eco Koh Tao      
Impian Divers      
Master Divers      
MV Trident      
Planet Scuba      
Pimp My Dive      

Sairee Beach

Apnea Total Diving      
Variety ASIA      
Ban's Diving      
Big Blue Diving      
Big Blue Tech      
Coral Grand Divers      
DJL Diving      
Good Time Adventures      
Island Dive Club      
Koh Tao Divers      
Koh Tao Seals      
New Way Diving      
Phoenix Divers      
Sairee Hut Diving      
Scuba Junction      
Seashell Dive Center      
Siam Scuba      
Simple Life Divers      
Dive Roctopus      
Koh Exist      

Sensi Paradise Beach Resort-Mae Haad

Dive Wishes and More....      

Sensi Paradise Resort

Dive Wishes and More....      

Tanote Bay

Montalay Beach Resort      
Calypso Diving      

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Your comments

On 01 oct. 2010 01:20 Jean-Luc said:
Be careful, some of these centers are the factories. Ask before you rush to a diving schools on Koh Tao. Many people regret their choices

(View profile)
Posts: 1
From 01/10/2010
On 01 oct. 2010 10:25 Armina said:
Who to contact for advice on a diving center? Should we rely on the number of stars? Master Divers, for example, what would you say? Factory or craft?

On 01 oct. 2010 16:29 JP said:
The stars of a PADI dive center are not used to make a difference in a central "factory" and another on a human scale. On the contrary. One of the criteria for awarding stars is based on the business generated and the business plan of the diving center. We must look at the forms required to complete a PADI to become a 5 star center to notice. So we might fear the contrary, the more a center of a star and he is responsible for client. Besides, if I look good, all dive centers "factories" are 5 stars. (Note I say that all five stars are centers factories .. whatever ..). This seems a bit normal. Finally, apart from the 5 Star IDC center that indicates that we can pass the instructor training in a shopping center as a 5 Star IDC is obliged to have two race directors in its workforce. The stars may only have to? Interest. So how can you find?
Even if you spend training to become an instructor (OWSI), then the OK look at the stars because you will not have a choice. As against the other (ie almost everyone) I want to say do not trust the stars, we are not at the hotel and? Also the stars is not even 1,2,3,4 . As long as the center is accredited PADI (or other federal) so it's good. Personally I prefer 100 times a dive just approved without star PADI Dive Center with a guide or an instructor speaking French as a center with an extendable and stars with no guide or instructor stockade French . Because even for the Fun Dive brieffing is super important. Moreover they are also well recognized that the centers are working just for the money, they'll say it's not a problem to an Open Water in a language you've mastered it. As the stars is something specific to be said that the PADI 5-star PADI's important that would mean you need to write down all the other federations
So in the first place, it is best to first seek a French diving center and then quickly realized if the center is the factory style or not. It's not harder than that. Now to discuss Master Diver I do not know exactly, but I have to tell me echo that it's not speak French at the center. Now if you are fluent in English is another story:)

On 01 oct. 2010 16:50 didine said:
Some dive centers where it speaks French:
- Island Dive Club (French manager and staff) (www.islanddiveclub.fr)
- Carabao (French manager)
- Siam (French manager)
- Seashell (a person speaking)
- Asia Diver (French race director for the training of diving instructor)

Otherwise the site www.plongee-a-koh-tao.com speak French when they come into contact with them and they offer things for French goods
The Thing

On oct 12. 2010 13:38 The Thing said:

Do you know what the centers offer nitrox for recreational diving? Even centers that offer technical diving courses seem not to even mention the possibility to dive nitrox for dives normal. I find it very strange. Diving with enriched air is still much healthier and more at. It has become a standard in many countries

thank you
This message has been 3 answers on the forum. See the answers on the forum
Peter Island

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Posts: 1
From 2010-10-13
On 13 oct. 2010 05:28 Peter Island said:
Hi the thing,
It is true that this is much healthier than the scuba diving centers do not offer much because it has a major cost for them as a nitrox compressor is very expensive so that many of the other way of Nitrox faiure exist for less expensive but anoint a special training is required
Island Dive Club, I am the manager of this club and we dive nitrox without problems
Feel free to any information you want on the diving or whatever. www.islanddiveclub.fr

On oct 16. 2010 02:47 Anonymous said:
All clubs offer the diving koh tao nitrox.Les Teams of oxygen compressor are cheaper than those who have no pas.Essaie Big Blue or Suba, junction example.c are big clubs but not everyone will nitox not dive, so small group of divers
Anonymous on

March 08, 2011 21:55 Anonymous on said:
The carabao center is still there?

(View profile)
Posts: 2
From 19/05/2011
May 19, 2011 11:53 nemo10 said:
Hello, I'm leaving on koh tao in early July. I am looking for a club that will recognize the level 2 FFESSM eventually. If someone speaks French is better ... because I want to take courses and nitrox dives deep etc
I would like to Sairee beach
Thank you very much

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