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Double murder of Koh Tao: Burmese 2 Confessions

Posted 03 oct. 2014 at 10:39 (vu 554342 fois)

Monday, September 15, 2014 between 2:00 and 5:00, English 24-year-old David William Miller and Hannah Victoria Witheridge, two were murdered. Their naked bodies were found 20 metres from another at Sairee Beach (Koh Tao) by Burmese who cleaned the beach. Broken head and deep cut to the neck of David. Hannah was raped, she is disfigured. Sperm DNA analysis will allow.

"Tourism requires and probably related to the phenomenon of"kilometre death"the case has had an international echo of le Figaro at NBC and new articles on the subject are daily since the tragedy. Google currently shows 174 relevant pages when typing"Hannah Witheridge" "koh tao".

So far the investigation has experienced many twists, but the affair soon close because today ' hui, 2 Burmese confessed double murder. Their DNA match those found on Hannah. A reconstruction was made requiring 200 police to "protect" suspects.

The case is closed? It is likely.

In connection with this tragedy, the journal The Nationindicates that a meeting was held Thursday, October 2, 2014 involving to introduce charges for entries on Koh Tao to boost the safety of tourists. Introduce charges for entries on Koh Tao is a long-standing question. It was often a question of taxing tourists at the entrance of Koh Tao in order to support the ecology of the island but these proposals have never led.

Always following this drama, another idea that looks more like an operation of communication than anything else, was to provide tourists with electronic bracelets (for they do not they get lost?). In my opinion, a taser would be more effective.

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Your comments
Fred on

On 04 oct. 2014 00:06 Fred on said:
90% of the farangs or Thais do not believe a these two the guilt!
You see them kill David has two with the spade!While only Hannah blood has been found on the spade!And while they deal Kill David that made Hannah, it kindly waits his turn?
While a Burmese mime kicks on David Spade, is a policeman who pushes the second Burmese on David.Pendant the restocking, one sees the police lead the Burmese and the filmmakers leader of bad actors.
And what about, the Hannah DNA on a cigarette or also contained the DNA of one of the rapists?
Pierre on

(View profile)
Posts: 62
From 04/04/2011
On 04 oct. 2014 09:03 Pierre on said:
It's weird... the brother and son of the AC BAR owner (or is deroule2 the murder), 1 of the Koh Tao seriously discount was notorious Mafia families questioned and suddenly they lay 2 Burmese? We shall never know the end word of this story as all the stories about koh tao is scam & Co. The cops are a rotten as Tao and still more a Phangan? they rackettes the farangs, the Thai, Burmese, on fear of large families finally good step needs to say +.. It's already well description
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