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ID card Koh Tao
Located in Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is best known for the diving But all do not come to Koh Tao for it. Koh Tao is also a separate room, some say "baba-cool". The island itself is paradise. Plage, coconut, and warm clear waters, Koh Tao can please everyone When traveling alone who will be able to meet people, to families who will be able to discover the pleasures of the sea to their children, Koh Tao has a lot to offer This guide is for all, Divers or not. You'll find everything you need to know to spend your time in Koh Tao Where to go ? Getting around ? Information on diving ? Weather ? Cost of living ? We did the tour of all the questions that may arise for those who want to go to Koh Tao. And if you have other questions, please contact us!
Happy surfing and see you soon on l'Turtle Island.

Dives Koh Tao


The number of dive centers you will find Koh Tao. We give you the full list:

List of dive centers on Koh Tao "

Hotels Koh Tao


This is the number of hotels we found in Koh Tao. We give you the full list:

List of Hotels in Koh Tao "

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Koh Tao Resort
Koh Tao Resort
25 Jul. 2019
(env. 1189 THB)- Chalok Baan Kao Zone
Great location. Friendly and quiet environment. Availability and courtesy also in the relufied of modest issues confirming the attention to the customer and professional in the... Of GIAN MARCO PINELLI
Jamahkiri Resort and Spa
Jamahkiri Resort and Spa
June 29, 2019
(env. 5438 THB)- Zone de : Thian Og Bay
????????? ? ???? ????? ?? ??????????? ??? ? ???????! ???? ? ???????? ???????, ????? ????????, ?????? ????????,... Of Irina Ermilova
Dusit Buncha Resort
Dusit Buncha Resort
June 28, 2019
(env. 1699 THB)- Area: Sairee Beach
Good hotel but a bit old and poorly insulated for my bungalow 205 in any case because with the air conditioning it was really too hot all the other hotels that I went in 10mins it takes cold with air ... Regis Franck Claude MELIN
Ananda Villa
Villa Ananda
March 19, 2019
(env. 1274 THB)- Area: Mae Haad
Will stay again for sure.... The Aleksandr Neguritsa
Sairee Hut Resort
Sairee Hut Resort
28 Feb. 2019
(env. 1105 THB)- Area: Sairee Beach
The hotel build new rooms, but the surroundings are not updated, and it felt like living on a construction site. We upgraded to a new room, the old ones are really bad. The staff is very nice and fri... De Katrine Ol Wikkelsø
Sun Smile Lodge Koh Tao
Sun Smile Lodge Koh Tao
29 Dec. 2018
(env. 1003 THB) - Area: Sairee Beach
We just love every little thing about this hotel. Staying here for the 3rd time btw. Always a pleasure!... But Elena Petrova
Koh Tao Montra Resort
Koh Tao Montra Resort
01 oct. 2018
(env. 2549 THB)- Area: Sairee Beach
great team always assist... Nir Blue

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  • Discovery tour of Koh Tao in 3 days
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  • Sailing in Koh Tao
  • Discover Snorkeling
  • Visit Koh Nang Yuan
  • If a section on diving Koh Tao was essential, we decided to go further and make a real Guide prices dive Koh Tao with a comparator offers diving. Be careful not to look at the tariff, security is probably more important. Also for non-divers we have created a course tailored to visit Koh Tao either by itself, to keep you busy for days. Koh Tao is small but it's not just the dive to do! See our Activities in Koh Tao

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    Accommodation in Koh Tao

    North, South, East or West? A lively corner or away from it all? You can find everything in Koh Tao. Go to Section Accommodation You will also find practical information on how come to Koh Tao What arrived on the island with the basics and why not a hotel already booked. But before you get to Koh Tao you will arrive in Thailand. So we made a section for you to get the best experience with our guide scams in Thailand and our guide survival on arrival in Bangkok

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    May 23 Training of SSI to Koh Tao diving instructor...
    26 March (2) Tao Festival 2017: A green festival...
    May 28 Koh Tao sur Google Street View...
    21 Feb. Jean Dujardin at Koh Tao for Brice de Nice 3...
    23 April (1) Koh Tao: 5th most beautiful island in the world and 1st ASI...
    24 Dec. (1) A diver died struck by a propeller...
    26 nov. 1 of the year 2015 to Koh Tao with The Experience Festiva...

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