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Posted 19 Jan. 2015
vu 896077 fois Weather point on Koh Tao on 19 January 2015
The Sun wishes you a happy new year! Since our last point weather, time is is well accommodated in the spirit of Noel with a month of November under the gusts and storms, if not of snow. December was just as much in the theme with its rains and its clouds, which have been constantly scolding on Koh Tao. But don't panic, after the rain... the weather of course!Since early...

Posted 19 oct. 2014
9910 views Weather point on Koh Tao from 19 October 2014
Welcome ZenDepuis our last weather point of 5 October our morning rains have indeed an appearance, along with a few dark clouds right of passage.At this time; the air is humid, and accompanied our morning of fine rain, for short periods of time.The ambience of this low season remains calm and relaxing.Coming soon: our timid small rains persist and are to be expected at the beginning of a few mornings. On the other hand...

Posted 05 oct. 2014
9306 views Weather point on Koh Tao from 5 October 2014
Calm and serene. Since our last point weather the Sun was at the rendezvous! But since a few days a cloud cover moved the morning. This week showers are anticipated in morning, but nothing exceptional for a month of October in Thailand. Koh Tao keeps its warm climate, even below the clouds. Good to know; The gusts that shook a little sea have finally calmed down, av...

Posted 10 sept. 2014
15335 views Weather point on Koh Tao to September 9, 2014
"The dance of frogs!" Since our last weather point of 10 August, our holidays were sunny but experienced a wet end with beautiful showers late in the day and fairly overcast.At this time; These last three days were in the image of the end of August but as it never sells the chickens before they are hatched, the beginning of the week until Thursday forecasts are encouraging with single...

Posted August 10, 2014
vu 28882 fois Weather point on Koh Tao to 10 August 2014
Holidays, sweet holidays!Since our last point weather, we had the wind in prompt as expected! Beautiful gusts were at the rendezvous. But against all odds, a beautiful Sun is added to the feast.At this time; and it remained, but much more timid and indecisive. The wind remains faithful but reasonably, just of what us refresh at the right time. Whatever...

Posted June 24, 2014
10222 views Weather point on Koh Tao to June 24, 2014
"And it turns the towels!" Since our last June 6 2014 weather point, clouds have settled well on our small island, effectively making our softer morning. Refresh which we did not have to complain. For next week, the slogan will be "station in the wind". Indeed, a few gusts will be expected, especially at the beginning of week, friends beachgoers and other followers of by &...

Posted June 05, 2014
16650 views Weather point on Koh Tao to June 6, 2014
Cloudy Sky Since the last weather point of May 23, 2014, morning showers failed to go, accompanied by our steamy stormy evening purposes! The clouds are topical, and veil our beautiful blue sky in the morning, which doesn't seem to interfere with the mercury, which continues to make our hot, sweaty days. For next week the cloud cover will stay on Koh tao and will make our morning agr & eacute...

Posted May 22, 2014
vu 21540 fois (2) Weather point on Koh Tao to May 23, 2014
Depuis le dernier point météo du 13 mai, les averses sont bien venues nous rendre visite, et cela ne nous a pas fait de mal ! l'ambiance est restée électrique avec les quelques fin de soirées orageuses que nous avons eu. Ce qui ne nous a pas empêché de fondre sous la chaleur des tropiques ! Pour la semaine prochaine, le vent semble être en vacance avec une petite force 2 ! Néanmoins nos petites pluies matinales restent d'actualit&e...

Posted May 13, 2014
Viewed 15942 times Weather point on Koh Tao to May 13, 2014
Depuis le dernier point météo nous avons eu trois petites matinées orageuses qui ont servis à rafraîchir légèrement l'atmosphère. Mais depuis le soleil est au beau fixe et la chaleur est bien présente également. Pour la semaine prochaine quelques nuages sont attendus, avec peut-être quelques petites averses en fin de journée qui ne peuvent vraiment pas faire de mal. Dans l'ensemble il fera encore beau...

Posted 02 may 2014
vu 14095 fois Weather point on Koh Tao to May 3, 2014
"In early may in the rain, the rest in a bikini" Since our last weather point of April 21, the heat has stopped us stifle cheerfully, despite some slight breezes for the lucky ones at sea. But since today a few refreshing showers give new life to the flora of the island, and soothe the exaltation that gives us the heaviness of these days for short durations. Showers...

Posted April 21, 2014
vu 26496 fois Weather point on Koh Tao to April 21, 2014
Easter in the Sun. As expected during our last point weather, rainfall has occurred. But it was short-lived. rain from the night of the 14 to 15 April did will be not sufficient to refresh the atmosphere. But the Sun is still there, and this is the main!     Side sea: very light breeze: the waters are calm and turquoise. Ideal conditions for the discovery of the fa...

Posted 11 April 2014
vu 88119 fois Weather point on Koh Tao to 11 April 2014
The heat before the downpour! Since the last weather point from 1 April, our friend Sun continuous Browning the skin of all swimmers and to delight the eyes of our divers who feast on our waters. More no excuses to Miss fish, turtles and for the lucky ones previews passage dolphins off the coast of the archipelago of Koh Nung Yuan! Enjoy this weekend which will be equal to the days spent and leave pla...

Posted March 31, 2014
Viewed 3547 times Weather point on Koh Tao to April 1, 2014
Under the Sun, the beach! The Sun is always at the rendezvous since the last point weather. The next few days, a light cloud cover tamisera the Sun's rays. Despite the humidity temperatures remain pleasant, since mercury will not exceed the bar of 30 degrees Celsius. The breeze found at the last point weather is always enjoyable. The conditions of the...

Posted March 19, 2014
viewed 4233 times Weather point on Koh Tao to March 21, 2014
Koh Tao under a blazing sun, Since the last weather point on 12 March, the Sun does not shine. The months of March and April are the hottest months of the year. Temperatures are in season and exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Currently a significant breeze blows on the East Coast, a little stronger wind (East/South East; force3-4) is scheduled for this weekend. the sea is oil on the...

Posted March 11, 2014
3218 views (1) Weather point on Koh Tao to March 12, 2014
After a week of big blue total, Koh Tao wakes up today with a slight cloud cover which should dissipate during the day. A small breeze between 9 and 13 n œ nodes from the East blows on koh tao but the western part is smooth as a lake. Temperatures rest of season and will climb in the week 27 ° / 30 °. The underwater when conditions to it are Mieu...

Posted March 01, 2014
Viewed 3411 times Weather point on Koh Tao to March 1, 2014
Hello to all! The weather was rather windy week last with a few clouds and cool nights. Today the wind drops with a free rise in temperatures to the approximately of 34 ° C. The trend would continue in the coming week with a drop of wind and warm temperatures of air and water. Visibility in diving will also improve with the fall of the wind and...

Posted 19 Feb. 2014
Viewed 3412 times Weather point on Koh Tao to February 19, 2014
Hello to all! The wind of recent days fall and give way to a rise of temperatures and Sun! Temperatures are so stable at around 34 ° and little cloud come from the shadows. Diving level, visibility is still in the 10 meter following the full moon but should largely come back in the coming days. Cheers on Koh Tao!...

Posted 24 Jan. 2014
viewed 3800 times Weather point on Koh Tao January 24, 2014
Hello to all! The weather conditions remain fairly dull this week with a significant cloud cover (without rain) and fairly cool temperatures for the season around 28 °. A decrease in the wind is expected. Side diving the waves remain very important and visibility reduced to 5-10 meters of average with 26 ° water on average. A bi...

Posted 04 Dec. 2013
vu 99970 fois Weather point on Koh Tao to December 4, 2013
Hello to all! The rain has subsided and gives way to a rather quiet although time cover. The trend of the week will remain in today with very cloudy, a little wind and small rainfall late in the day. Temperatures remain stable at around 31 °. Diving conditions are very good with a bit of waves and visibility of 20 metres. A...

Posted 18 nov. 2013
viewed 3978 times Weather point on Koh Tao to November 18, 2013
The monsoons arrive in Koh Tao! The rain arrived and the forecasts announce heavy rainfall for next week accompanied by gusts of wind up to 50 mph and waves up to two meters in height. Temperatures remain stable at around 30 ° and an improvement is expected early next week. For diving, not much serious qu...

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