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Last updated on February 2, 2012

Circuit on 3 days (to self even) the discovery of Koh Tao

Apart from diving, Koh Tao is an island worth visiting. We suggest you follow our journey to discover for yourself and you to fit your schedule
There are the best snorkelling spots and you will see that it is not necessarily the most popular on-site. You will understand the why of how on the spot.

Prerequisite: scooter or quad for everyone!

A little vocabulary and to begin to understand a few place names:

Haad: pronounced "Hadte" means "beach"
Laem: pronounced "LEM" means "cap"
Sai: pronounced "Sai" means "sand"

Day 1: West Coast and Hin Wong Bay

View of Koh Nang Yuan and Whale skeleton: Our point of departure for this route is the northern tip of the main road to the West coast where you will discover a superb view of Koh Nang Yuan and a dream resort to see. To go it is simple, always head to the North and it is still all right. You will arrive at the Dursit Buncha ResortPark your Scooter to the entered and enter in this resort which at speeds of labyrinth!
"Don't worry, you don't have to pay to enter the resort, the staff in the habit and knows that his resort is a true tourist attraction due to its officially called point of view"Koh Tao terrace"." Therefore cross the resort following the direction of the restaurant. Arrived at the end you will see a kind of headland wood which gives a beautiful view on Koh Nang Yuan. At the bottom of the promontory, you also a very good spot of snorkelling down to the rock (careful, it slips). Think to come here with your mask and snorkel (rental in all diving centres). Possibility to make a jump in the swimming pool of the resort (200thb for visitors) or a break lunch on the terrace of the restaurant.

Now we are going to discover the skeleton of the whale some steps away. Head South, after a few hundred metres you'll arrive at a beautiful descent. Shortly before the end of the fall, a street part left (turn at an acute angle). At the end of this street (ca monte well), you arrive at the resort Sairee View hosting this unique skeleton. It is the restaurant of the resort. The team is nice and there is a café also contemplate the view. Recently, they ask 20THB to take pictures but they seem to tolerate that taking photos free of charge if consumed something. This is the good war.

Snorkeling in Hin Wong Bay It is left for a part of snorkelling. Where you are, go down the street to the main road. Head South and arrived in the "village" of Sairee 7/11 turn left, head all right and follow the main road. Then ca will always be all right (follow road). After area around 1 kilometre highway will degrade slightly. Always go right. Attention to the downhill final, and some station their scooter at the top of the slope. It is possible to get off in scooter. A restaurant awaits you at Hin Wong Bay with possibility to rent for 100THB snorkelling equipment (mask + palme). Go at the terrace of the restaurant or on the small beach (to the left when you are facing the sea) and take you to the water! Try to go instead to the right (when you are in the terrace) to the rock as beach-side visibility is bad. After that it will be time to eat so why step here to do so. The food is not outstanding but when hunger...

Discovery and Sairee Mae Haad : You're done with Hin Wong Bay, now turned around towards Sairee. Arrivé au 7/11 filez tout droit pour aller vers la mer, là, longer la mer par le remblai à petite allure et pourquoi pas s'arrêter ca et là, shopping, belle plage.. à vous de voir. Vers la fin de Saireeon the right stands a statue of a former King of Thailand. Compliance is mandatory. You can park your scooter here. When you are at the statue, head to foot by taking the little bridge and you will see a rock on which the King to left a mark. It is a historical place. And hop a photo more! Continue and head in scooter to Mae Haad. You can then Mae Haadvillage unpretentious with not bad day world. On the beach (North port) you will see a large turtle statue worth the glance. Not much in particular to Mae Haad but a piece of Beach (South when it runs the port) which is peaceful, and charming atmospheres to Sensi Paradise. Also good restaurants in the corner.
Jansom Bay , Snorkeling and we ended up at the View Point: In Mae Haadfrom the port of Lompraya, go south to the drop zone bar (large yellow rock) and then head to the left. After 150 metres, turn right after the restaurant the Bambam. Now it is still all right. At Charm Churee Resort Park and continue on foot. It goes down a little and the resort and superbly integrated into the nature! Come to the small beach of Jansom Bay a good swimming you expect. The place is simply heavenly
Finish the day with the View point at the top of the mountain. Of Jansom Bay, back to Mae Haad to catch up with then it stops ridge of Koh Tao (route that extends from North to South). Then, direction Sairee. On this road you will see indicated 2 View point on your right, it lets you find them, it's easy but drive slowly. It monte a bit then hang well and if your vehicle only to mount, don't wait for that stops otherwise you may cramer engine, then before you stop and continue on foot, it is very far from any event. Impressive point of view on Koh Tao and beautiful photos to the key.

That's it, you've had a busy day, you can now complete as you want. Frequent live concert in the village of Sairee at the bar the Chopper, fire juggler on the beach at the Lotus Bar or cabaret show (to do!) starting at 22: 00 (free admission but conso a little more expensive). Ask local, all it it is in the same area, in the village of Sairee and it is easy to find. Or why restaurants on the beach step foot in the sand!

Day 2: South and East

Chalook : Begin this day Chalook. Beach fun but not always easy to swimming at low tide. It will start with a bit of walking and discoveries to the key. On the beach of Chalook head to the right, the noose is tightening and it sometimes walk on the rocks. You pass by the beach bar the Babaloo. Beautiful landscape on the way and if you look to the Southeast you'll see on the edge opposite the Big Buddha rock.. Yes they (Thais) see Buddha everywhere! Continue your way to the point, the purpose of the games, cross the View Point Resort and find the way to the tip. I do not help you because it will not funny and not of the true découverte, but be aware that you will be arrived in l'endroit I want to make you discover when you have found a way original written:) It is also a places of worship and if you y cross a pilgrim ca will surely be the maximum. Here it is not the crowd! And yet it's worth the detour. Lovers will be able to leave their mark but I n'en say not more:) Then you have two options, either to make a half turn if you start to be tired (because it climbs), or continue to join June Juea Beach give you a feeling a little alone in the world. You need to pass through koh Tao Pinnacle resort for coming down to the beach. The beach to the happened is probably the most beautiful is the most preserved of Koh Tao.
The path to return to Chalook on foot is a bit long..
Management therefore another dream beach. Return to the range of Chalook.

Shark Island and Freedom Beach : if you made the journey before the full, you need to start getting seriously hungry. Here we go we'll eat a few steps from here in a dream setting on a cliff. The main road that runs along Chalook keep going south. A sign indicates Freedom Beach (We will go after) you go straight and a few hundred meters you reach the end of the road OKIYA bungalow. Here you can properly restore while having the best seen on Shark Bay and Shark Island. It is also the photo installation!
This done, made half-turn and direction Freedom Beach for some snorkeling. On the road turn to the panel Freedom Beach you saw earlier. Eventually you reach a road that feels the luxury resort. Park your car there and walk down the path to the beach. Beware of appearances, you are not yet reached Freedom Beachca will be too simple. Now longer on the left the rock through the concrete path. (there is another path to Freedom but we prefer that there for the landscape). After 100 m you arrive at Freedom Beach. Dépaysement et bon spot de snorkeling aux bonnes heures. Attention on ne peut pas louer de matériel de snorkeling ici alors il faut prévoir ça avant (au resort luxe avant la plage qui loue ça au tarif normal de 100THB). Pour repartir de Freedom Beach, vous pouvez passer par un autre chemin pour rejoindre votre scooter. De la plage, passez via les escaliers qui contournent les bungalows et laissez vous guider. Comme par magie vous arriverez devant votre scooter !

Ao Leuk, Tanote, Sai Daeng Beach or Shark Bay : To end your day you can go to one of three beaches for snorkeling which is that the easiest access is Ao Leuk, The steeper is Sai Daeng Beach, And further Tanote If you're more lazy you can also go to Shark Bay. The road to go is simple, a map is.

Day 3: Tour of the island by boat, snorkeling and Koh Nang Yuan

Go to Sairee Beach (it is more convenient you'll understand why after) to charteriser a boat taxi just for you. Go early in the morning if you want to see a shark (contrary to what some say there are many sharks black in a spot of Koh Tao). According to the many people that you are it will cost 500 and 800 THB per person for 3-4 hours of fun. To do this, it's simple, just ask for a boat taxi blues on the beach! If you require anything special to the driver for this round of the island it will you the classic formula. But as you pay to have the boat for you, as we do not disturb you to break the standard route (not always terrible..). Here is the route that we propose you:
Depart Sairee Beach and then goes in the opposite direction of clockwise and stop at:
- Sai Nuan : stop you squarely on the beach. Not the best snorkelling spot but the corner is really nice, little visited, so well preserved, and atypical with the now famous Banana Rock Bar (bar built by Robinson Crusoe probably;), drivers are not necessarily used to stop then if your driver look you oddly when you ask him to stop here, this is normal, will ask first how he will go to dock his boat. Put it in confidence because it is possible. If really it is not there can be reasons (Special tide...)
- Shark Bay and Shark Island : Then tell your driver you want to see sharks in Shark Bay, it will go. So the sharks do not necessarily expect, so if you see them consider that even if it's normal, it's still in luck! Otherwise .. is out of luck
- Ao Leuk or Tanote : Depending on what you've seen the previous day, choose between Ao Leuk or Tanote to complete your journey the day before. Both are excellent snorkeling spot
- Mango bay : comme vous connaissez maintenant déjà Hin Wong, pas la peine d'y retourner et filez directement à Mango Bay. Rien à dire si ce n'est que c'est un excellent spot de snorkeling aussi. Grosse affluence à certaine heure (voir la suite). Possibilité d'accoster sur la plage.
- Koh Nang Yuan : Finish with a flourish to Koh Nang Yuan Entry fee 100THB. And then the good idea and tell your driver you want to stay there until the end of the day. Until the driver can return to Koh Tao next time you are looking for your input. Attention! check the closing times of Koh Nang Yuan.

This route is of course to discuss with your driver of boat taxi on the feasibility of the time because some days some passages are not recommended because of the current, wind...

Tip: Do not cross organized snorkeling tour during your turn to avoid the crowds Consult schedules for snorkeling tours

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Nang Yuan Island Sairee Beach mae haad bay jansom bay cape jeda gang june juea chalok baan kao taa toh bay freedom beach shark bay sai daeng beach ao leuk hin wong bay sai nuan lang khaai bay Mango Bay
Map of Koh Tao idendity



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