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Health: Vaccines - disease - doctor - Accident

A few numbers and useful sites

Recompression chamber: +66 (0) 81 081 9777
Animal clinic: Web site | Such. : + 66 (0) 8 10 90 53 72

Before leaving

We ask that you recommend a doctor go to Thailand and do not use discussion forums that are replete with intox and outdated info, including determining what vaccines take to go to Thailand.
All practitioners are competent in this matter and even if they do not see all the days of people going in Thailand, they know to put hospitals specialized in tropical diseases to give you the best procedure. General Medicine is well paid in Europe then make both that it lasts.

If you plan to dive at Koh Tao, do get a medical examination and a medical certificate before leaving. Koh Tao diving centres have only a single bond: make you fill out a form of discharge problem. Be aware that there are doctors on Koh Tao that can make you a medical examination and you provide a medical certificate for the practice of diving.

Doctors and pharmacies to Koh Tao

You will find several doctors on Koh Tao and including Sairee. Their offices are and they are easy to find. So with the pharmacies that are present in large numbers across to Koh Tao.

Risks to Koh Tao


From time to time We hear that on Koh Tao of dengue (formerly called tropical influenza) cases are reported. Steps from panic, dengue heals well (as for many viruses, particularly pay attention to older children and persons). Dengue is transmitted by the mosquitoes in day. These mosquitoes are Zebra and fairly easy to recognize with this distinctive sign.


The mosquito, let us recall, is the most dangerous in the World animal because it can transmit deadly diseases. But reassure you to Koh Tao, not a problem particular to report on this side there to this day.
Mosquitoes of Koh Tao: Mosquitoes bring you to Koh Tao especially itching (Be careful though in times of dengue). A Koh Tao mosquitoes come when night falls and after the rain in the evening when there is one. There is basically a period of about 1 hours when mosquitoes come out massively. After this period, at night, almost no mosquitoes to report. Before that, during the day, we can see some mosquitoes (it's much more rare) and especially the striped mosquitoes that can carry dengue fever
Protect themselves from mosquitoes: Pour vous protéger des moustiques, vous trouverez des spray anti-moustiques efficaces dans les supérettes de Koh Tao et vous trouverez aussi des spirales (encens) anti-moustiques à brûler utilisées par quasiment tous les restaurants, bars et ressorts de Koh Tao. Certains disent que ces rondelles peuvent être cancérigène et toxiques. Après recherche nous avons trouvé ce report on mosquito coils To summarize very briefly this big report, saying that the anti-spirals moutsiques are a blessing in disguise. So do not overdo it too much. The report also said that the skin is more effective repellents to protect themselves from dengue. The choice is yours

Speak briefly of malaria

At a time when this page is written (November 2010) Koh Tao (and Thailand Islands in General) are not particularly vulnerable areas including on malaria (also called malaria). This information does not consult a doctor before you go. "Include everything and the Embassy of France in Thailand indicates that, I quote:"3 falciparum malaria cases were reported, during the? Last year in the island of Koh Tao, [...] its period? Incubation is 8 to 15 days. If treated early, recovery is fast and without sequelae. However, in the? Untreated, the? Is always fatal. Caution should therefore lead people who go to Koh Tao, to contact their doctor who can prescribe them appropriate prophylaxis"
The dilemma is that when they write "the last year", it should also indicate the date of publication of their page. After some research we have seen a comment here which speaks of this article and of 2006.
Therefore, consider that "past year" refers to the year 2005.
Source: http://www.ambafrance-th.org/article.php3?id_article=385

Bacteria in swimming pools

A Koh Tao swimming pools do not have the same rules in France. Then mistrust because with the Sun bacteria grow quickly. Think of a shower after you be bathed by the pool or even if you dive in pool sessions.

The Sun

Many tourists come to Thailand to the Sun, so it is difficult to understand that the Sun is bad for the skin and requires that it be protects, sunscreen or not. This message will not surely heard and we will move to the joys flaps but we will say: avoid expose you to the Sun. Especially when the Sun is at the Zenith, 12 hour at 15 hours.
To protect themselves from the Sun: There are solar creams of course but beware! The use of solar creams is dangerous... for the coral, as pointed out by a study of the Polytechnic University of Marche of Ancona)more info). Then the best solutions... is the tee shirt, or many ecological solar creams sold by some diving centres. We see every day from the environmentally conscious bathing t-shirt to Koh Tao. Then try to adopt the reflex! Your skin will you grateful.

Scooter accident

Too much, far too many to Koh Tao scooter accident. On the recall drive not pissed and put a helmet. When it is a little bobo it's going, but suturing are not uncommon on Turtle Island. Even more than if you or your scooter, the invoice may be very salty (see our section) riding scooter)

Diving accidents

If you are diving, instructors speak it normally enough of diving accidents (except for baptisms because it is not the main subject of a baptism of diving). Be aware that accident of diving, it is mainly the oxygen need you as a priority. Your scuba diving center must have at its disposal.
Also, be aware that the nearest recompression of Koh Tao House is located at Koh Samui: SSI Recompression Chamber of Koh Tao

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