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Restaurant in Koh Tao: where to eat?

Restaurants in Koh Tao...

  • Shell, crustacean and Pad Thai
  • Culture and the table
  • Small problems and how to address them
  • Boycott those who serve shark
  • Shell, crustacean and Pad Thai

    Eat the feet in the sand in the light of the lanterns, find a small bar typical with good food Thai not expensive, find a restaurant gourmet or even find a restaurant offering Wifi Internet for are small lunch in checkant his e-mail, this is what we propose in our selection of restaurant in Koh Tao.

    Koh Tao is an island so you will find a seafood products on almost all maps in the menus. The traditional Thai dishes are also on the as well as Western food which is part of almost all maps of the island. It should be noted that there are also some pizzerias and restaurants by French expatriate to Koh Tao.

    Some argue that to Koh Tao is difficult to find good restaurants. Those who research the authenticity of Thai food realize that Cook heads are sometimes by Thais, those who want simply to European food will sometimes use the toast when they order lost bread... and those who simply want a good pizza is sometimes find that it is not because a restaurant much pizza that it the facts well. Not panic, we'll explain everything you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    The Culture of the table

    If Thai food can be excellent even in small restaurants, Thais are apparently not yet Hotel training and restoration experts, or in any case, they do not have the same reflexes than in us. It is cultural. Also the development of Koh Tao is still recent and find impeccable servers is not easy. But it is part of the local folklore, and cultural differences are more to smile than other things.

    Small troubles in the restaurant and how to address them

    Eat in a restaurant in Koh Tao and Thailand in General, can sometimes be a little confusing especially for us French who speak English and Spanish cows. Here is a list of small problems met in the restaurant and how to deal with.
    Me is not what I ordered: There are more times where it happened to us in the restaurant and the habit I found myself numerous times to play culinary performers. That is the reverse that is sometimes surprising. The French generally not speak English, and if you speak English with an accent too "good", then these are the Thai who might not understand more you. If you realize that communication is wrong, feel free to see what you want to order on the menu. The dishes are also sometimes numbered then you used numbers to communicate directly.

    Is me used red wine instead of white wine (or vice versa): If you ask in English of "red wine" you can end up with "white wine". This is a problem because the Thai accent pronounced "red" something like "white". One solution, show menu to the server (euse) because even if you try to say in Thai with a guide in your pocket, you will realize that Koh Tao in restaurants servers are often not Thai

    They drowned my pastis: For lovers of aniseed aperitifs, you will be delighted to discover that the Thai import some of Ricard or Pastis from home. And you may be upset by seeing they may drown you. It's called the emotional lift. In fact it is not too strange. If asked to serve a Raki, would you say the amount of water to be a Turk? It is a principle here is the same. So if some are beginning to be accustomed to some of our habits Franco-French, mistrust when you take a Ricard or Pastis (in moderation)

    I am serving the main course came before (or simultaneously): The Thai concept of not too flat or input resistance. Culturally they are rather used to having all the dishes together. This habit can be found at the restaurant. Specify So if you want the "starter" (input) they will serve you above all other dishes. Also if you order everything at once in a meal, it may be that you either serve appetizers along the entrance and the main course. The trick is to order appetizers first and then to be understood that the time server that you are, you will think about your menu. Anyway, if you want an order of service, let us know clearly

    The service is too slow or too fast, the dishes do not come together: We did not really trick to this problem. Let's say you get used to it. Some chefs have different synchronization techniques than at home. Whether you take your drink along with your neighbor takes its input from left and your right-hand neighbor takes his main course is not a problem for some restaurants. But hey .. ca is generally acceptable. Keep smiling, you're on vacation:)

    Boycott those who serve shark

    A kohtaozone we encourage you to boycott restaurants that serve shark in their menu. Sharks are endangered. In our selection we have chosen only restaurants not offering shark, at least during our last visit home

    Our selection of good food 2011
    (Being finished ...)

  • Selection: Thai Kitchen (eat cheap)
  • Selection: International Cuisine
  • Selection: Dream Decor
  • Selection: Thai Cuisine

    The "Chile" (-150 THB)

    Location: Sairee
    Small restaurant with a wide choice of Thai specialties. The Chile is one of the rare restaurants in Koh Tao offer some dishes typical of the region of Issan (northeast of the Thailand region). Located in the village of Sairee and open recently, you go to the Chile for the food very pleasant staff and its prices.

    Tik (-150 THB)

    Location: Sairee
    Small restaurant Thai a little away from the traffic. Friendly atmosphere. The food is not left. If you prefer their flat Thai dear away, there are also Western food. TIK is located in the street that goes from the town of Sairee to Asia Diver. When you leave the village, is on your left.

    Nest's Kitchen (-150 THB)

    Location: Sairee
    Located at nearly opposite Tik, you love nest's Kitchen for these small breakfast and Thai food. You eat sat in tailor on cousins. Free access to Internet WiFi in fact the benchmark of those who start their day by checking their e-mail while in a small lunch... and that resides on Sairee. Intimate location and Nice staff.

    Bambam (-100 THB)

    Location: Lae Haad
    The Bambam is the small traditional Thai restaurant. Are accessed from the port by spinning to the South, arrived at the drop Zone bar, Mount Street left and you will find the Bambam 100 metres on your right. You will also find the restaurant Yang in the same vein and next door.

    Selection: Kitchen international

    BBQ Korean to the Golden (-150 THB)

    Koh Tao 13920Mae Haad
    Discover the Golden restaurant Korean BBQ. Located on the main road from Mae Haad to Chalook, on the right halfway. It is an open buffet for less than 100 THB. Attention, here we paid what remains if we do not eat everything! If you do not know this specialty is the time. Fish, meat, shrimp, egg, vegetable, is all about barbecue that looks like a flying saucer. A treat!

    Cafe del Sol (-250 THB)

    Koh Tao 13920Mae Haad
    Crescent, wand, Ricard, tartare... If these words inspire you, that is the Café del Sol that is needed. For more than 10 years Robert satisfies tourists and expat' by lack of French food. Good price, good dish, but also good plan. Robert welcomes you and provides information. Then if disembark you at Koh Tao a little lost, be aware that the Café del Sol is located just off the port, in descending Mae Haad Street)see the plan)

    Selection: Dream Decor

    OK II Bungalow (-150 THB)

    Koh Tao 13920Location: Southern tip of Chalook
    Restaurant and also appears. OK II is based on the cliff giving a superb view of Shark Bay and Shark Island. Good food but it is especially the view that attracts us. To access, always spinning South from the main road of Koh Tao. You'll find it.

    Dursit Bunchat Restaurant (-300 THB)

    Location: Northern tip of Sairee
    Single view of Koh Nang Yuan. To go simple, always head to the North when you are on the main road of Koh Tao. The menu prices are among the highest of Koh Tao due to the location and the presence of the spring, but they remain accessible for us Westerners. Then it benefits at least once to get pleasure. Almost impeccable service and the quality of the food is not left. A good time to pass.

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    Information, the Cafe del sol is indeed the benchmarks of francophone, but if any one want flat super dun of dough or pizza, I recommend La Dolce Vita, in the same street, 100 m high. CSTA really class, super clean, Chief Italian.. .ca deserves the detour! Is a little more expensive but a family or couple cest Koh Tao restaurant.
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