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Open Water PADI
Dive training on Koh Tao

  • What is the PADI Open Water?

  • The PADI Open Water is the first level of diver training conducted under the auspices of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) This training is for people who want to learn scuba diving

    During this training on Koh Tao, you will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving. This training from certification will be issued to you and you will be able to practice scuba diving up to 18 metresby diving with a binomial same level or higher without be supervised by a professional.

    The formation of Open Water Padi includes a part theoretical and practical part distributed on about 4 days of training.

    The theoretical part of the Open Water is composed of 5 modules punctuated by a final examination. The theoretical training is provided by your instructor in your centre for training in Koh Tao.

    Practical part of the Open Water is first in confined to Koh Tao with several exercises to develop confidence. These exercises will be then performed during 4 dives in the natural environment.

    PADI training is based on the personal study, you will therefore some duties to the evening.

  • Who will address the formation of Open Water PADI?

  • The formation of Open Water PADI accessible from 10 years If you fill out the medical requirements. Children 10 to 14 years will get a certification of Open Water Junior.

    A medical questionnaire will be handed to you prior to your training. Generally people with no particular health problems have no problem for the training of Open Water PADI. If in doubt, see your doctor and ask for a medical certificate for the practice of scuba diving. Namely that physicians are also present on Koh Tao.

    Generally, persons wishing to Open Water PADI training, are people who want to learn to dive and combine holiday with diving. The formation of Open Water you will also discover the different Koh Tao diving spots When your training dives.

  • What to do after the PADI Open Water?

  • If you are a certified PADI Open Water, the ideal is to continue your training with the Training PADI Advanced Open Water and gain experience. It is also the training you need to follow if you want to refer you to a vocational training.
    If you do not wish to continue your training and just enjoy your PADI Open Water level, you can make Dive fun (Exploration dives) to discover the different dive sites of Koh Tao.

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  • Open Water at a glance

    Open Water
    Minimum age:
    10 years
    Number of diving:
    4 dives
    Maximum depth:
    12 meters first and second dive
    3rd and 4th 18-meter diving
    Number of days:
    3 or 4 days
    Average rate:
    9500 THB
    See all rates Open Water to Koh Tao

    Scuba Diver
    Minimum age:
    10 years
    Number of diving:
    2 dives
    Maximum depth:
    12 metres
    Number of days:
    2-3 days
    Average price:
    7000 THB
    See all rates Scuba Diver to Koh Tao


    If you don't have not the time or the necessary budget to complete this training, you can direct you to the Scuba Diver PADI training that represents half of the formation of Open Water. This training gives rise to a certification and you can subsequently make only add-ons to access Open Water PADI certification.

    Free hosting : If you want to do training for Open Water PADI to Koh Tao, Koh Tao accommodation can you be provided free of charge for the duration of the training.

    Planning type of the formation of Open Water in Koh Tao

    Day 1:
    16 h: Orientation / presentation + video 1,2 and 3
    Day 2:
    Morning: Module theoretical 1, 2, 3
    Afternoon: medium confined exercises + video 4 and 5
    Day 3:
    Morning: Module theoretical 4 and 5 + final exam
    Afternoon: scuba diving 1 and 2 in the wild
    Day 4:
    Morning: diving 3 and 4 in the natural environment
    Noon: Certification
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    Posts: 2
    From 16/01/2012
    16 Jan. 2012 12:05 bernardaquitaine said:
    Hi, I plans to go to southern Thailand end of March 2012. Being with family, we should spend 2 days to Samui, Pha NGan 2 days and then 2 days at Tao before departing on the continent, history of ballads, because I am the only one to enjoy the underwater world. Is it possible (perhaps with the same "" Diving Center?) to the Open Water "batch" on 2 successive Islands?
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    Stone on

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    Since 15/12/2016
    On Dec 15. 2016 17:42 Stone on said:

    I can send you this mail because I would like to come to Koh - Tao a few days for past my open-water, the worry is that I wouldn't of passages only a few days on the island...
    My question is, is that you provide training has specific dates each week? and if so are they starting only early in the week? or is it possible to start one during the week?
    Because I think happened on Thursday and leave on Wednesday...
    your rates are they the same in low season and high season? Can you send me your high season and low season periods.

    With the pleasure of you reading

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