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Nang Yuan Island

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Nang Yuan Island Sairee Beach mae haad bay jansom bay cape jeda gang june juea chalok baan kao taa toh bay freedom beach shark bay sai daeng beach ao leuk hin wong bay sai nuan lang khaai bay Mango Bay
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Located a few hundred meters from Koh Tao, Nang Yuan Island (or Koh Nang Yuan) is an island made up of three small islands interconnected by white sand, As shown in the picture. We can therefore put towels on the sand (or on a deck) and then be spoiled for choice. Range range left or right? This topography out of the ordinary as well as the beauty and the richness of its seabed , multicolored fish and coral garden, make an exceptional site today very renowned for diving and the snorkeling.

  • How to get there?

  • Koh Nang Yuan is a private island and you have two options to go.
    - Either you stay in the single spring (Nangyuan Dive Resort) that allows to stay the night.
    - Either you go as a visitor. Koh Nang Yuan is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The island is often crowded between 11 and 14 hours. It usually comes on Nang Yuan to a half day or day.

    A protected site : Koh Nang Yuan is very popular. There are including special regulation to preserve the place. The fins are prohibited to avoid damage to the coral and it is prohibited to bring with plastic bottles on this corner of paradise. The restaurant of the island is that used glass bottles. Also you will need to pay bath 100 tax per person (30 baht for local) to set foot on the island if you do not stay in the jurisdiction and 50 bath If you want a lounge.

    Possibility to rent on-site waterproof digital camera and everything needed for snorkelling, but Palm!

  • Starting point to go

  • 4 options available to you:

    Long tail boat (private boat taxi): Since Koh Tao Sairee Beach (go rather in the North of the range)access in 15 minutes by taxi boat. The tariff is around 200 bath per person for a round trip. The driver will then ask you what time you want it to pass you up for your return. Often it will offer to take you back to set hours: 15h, 16h, 17h for up to several people at once

    Snorkeling Tour organized with: Several companies offer snorkeling tours around Koh Tao and make a passage through Koh Nang Yuan. All travel agencies and the springs of Koh Tao can offer this tour, which costs about 650 baht per person. Inconvenience, you are not too free to your schedule More info on snorkeling tour.

    As part of a private snorkeling tour : You go all around the island in a private snorkeling tour and you get to Koh Nang Yuan More info on snorkeling private tour.

    With Lompraya: The catamaran boat company Lompraya Koh Nang Yuan goes through when it goes to Chumphon. Ask at the counter of the company at the port of Lompraya Mae Haad for more information. You can start from Nang Yuan with a long tail. Disadvantage: the wait time at the port to take the catamaran of Lompraya.

    Our view on Nang Yuan Island

    This island is a rare Pearl. We've been 4 times and it again. A each time to a half day, was still afraid to be bored if you stay there too long. But on a half-day time flies. The seabed of the range of right (when it happens) are much more beautiful than the range of left. Some people who have not only a beach, but the less well was crossed... Many anemones and fish type pink clown and a fairly well preserved coral. One wonders if it will last long with boats filled with Japanese and Korean that flood the landscape arriving all at the same time between 11 am and 2 pm. It is the war of the lounges and these characters would they all bad swimmer? They all wear a vest of wild. It's quite funny but it is may be that saving in part coral: prevent tourists to touch the bottom. Output of these niche hourly is quiet on this earthly paradise. Many of photos seen in postcard or on the Internet are from Koh Nang Yuan. This island is a must. A not to miss.

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Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort
The owners of Nangyuan Island Dive Resort has created a refuge island unusual compared to other stations in South Asia. Located on a small private island near Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, K.
98 reviews for hotel
(Approx. 34 €)
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Posts: 8
From 11/10/2011
On 11 oct. 2011 04:02 Charlotte said:
Personally I have been a little disappointed by Nang Yuan and these hordes of tourists hoard on a small strip of beach. Funds are maginifiques but all as a Aow Leuk. I do recommend not to sleep there, but just to spend a few hours...
Anonymous on

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Posts: 2
From 21/12/2012
Dec. 21. 2012 19:13 Anonymous on said:
Attention scam in the one and the only restaurant on the island.
You place the order with a menu that the photos are pretty fuzzy.
Then it serves, you eat... When you are finished, the "household" comes
you say the dish that was served was not yours, and since you have
not checked, you must pay, and cannot cancel your order. You pay no
two meals. Needless to insist, because the household will always be reason and anyway.
So worth mieu do not eat or drink anything. Bring you drinks
bottled glass because the plastic bottle Island are prohibited...
shokdy on

(View profile)
Posts: 13
From 18/01/2013
March 27, 2013 20:54 shokdy on said:
Super beautiful beach, dream location, even if some morons believe that cigarette butts or downright empty packages grow in the sands, the funds are pretty cool but my God the Grand never I sleep on the spot with all the tourists like me who defilent in a day, it is really more posed qumm like corners on koh tao. rate service, pleasant and the gates of prisons for the restaurant a world crazy so not necessarily want to lunch. but when one way on quell paradise lies on contrefous all the small negative points I mentioned to you. brief to see once in a lifetime
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