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Koh Tao: The Complete Guide

What is this guide?

This is the thing to have when you go in Thailand. This is the essential info to know to organize and a trip to Koh Tao, a guide to electronic 80 pages.
The guide is provided to the PDF format.
It means that you can get him anywhere, put it on your computer, your phone (Iphone or smart phone) and print it to bring it in your suitcase.

7 Good reasons to buy
"Koh Tao: complete Guide"

1: Because you are mean: You know that between Bangkok and Koh Tao there is full of scams to avoid? What are the cheaper hotels in Koh Tao? The least expensive transportation...? All that is in the guide and you you will have it all in your pocket with the guide. So will save you money with the best plans. Because we know that you're mean.

2: Because as you prepare your trip at the last minute : On the spot you will not Internet everywhere for info. Not to worry, this Guide also has done to it. Relax... While the other stresses, you you buy the guide, and vera all that when arrive you in the country. This is also the holiday, power landing anywhere, anytime.

3: Because you've no memory: You have already prepared your trip to Koh Tao? Yes, but everyone knows, you as a memory of Ant. This guide will shine you in society. Schedules of the vessels, routes, even more need of brain. You are going to know everything all the time with the Guide. All the world envira your culture and will ask how you know it all! Say their simply of pas ask too many questions.

4: Because it is your guide: You're the Chief of band, the father or any one. Ouai... but today it has exhausted all ideas of stuff to do and here there was no Internet. He said the Chief? The head is providing, the Chief him, he has the ultimate Guide of Koh Tao. It opens its guide and it comes out we incredible to do tricks. This is be the boss. And as always, never give its sources.

5: Transport because it is long: Ouai c'est long, too long. Especially when taking the bus or the train to go to Koh Tao. You, magazines such as here or team you you have left them in your country. You, you are here to be feel. And here you trouble too in transportation. Fortunately you have expected reading: 80 pages that speak you of your next destination. The must. Read informative and entertaining tips. Others spend the time to go to the toilet to pass the time. Both pee for them.

6: Because it can turn to vinegar: You come to Koh Tao with your wife or your friends. Ouai, but sometimes their jokes are a bit heavy. If never should be a separation of the groups, you will you remain always zen, because you as the guide in your computer or your phone. "salvation to all, I have a solo trip today" (with a Guide). You you'll get one of the trips listed in the guide while others will stay at the bungalow or in an Internet café. Well played.

7: General guides are void: Ouai is fed up. They speak to us in 10 pages of a destination where it will put 12 hours to arrive by plane. With a general guide to the Thailand will find only 50 pages of interest. There, with the full Guide for Koh Tao, you 80 pages just on a specific destination. CA is a good investment.

8: Because you know that 7 good reasons it is sufficient: Kohtaozone.com, this is serious people that publish this guide. There are 0 advertising in the guide. The guide is not expensive, it represents 8 bowl of rice in Thailand. You have all read so far for fun, but the Guide full of Koh Tao, now there is the price, soi tu have already se you it you are going to take it soon, because you want to learn more on your next vacation.

How to have this guide?

5.90?Just buy it for 5.90?, here on this page with the "Buy" button located in the top of the image to the right. After you receive the guide by e-mail with a password to open the guide.
Namely: The guide is available to all those who maintains a hotel via kohtaozone. Contact us at info@kohtaozone.com when you made your reservation and are you sending the Guide directly.

It's simple and secure to pay?

Need you to either have a Paypal account or a credit card. Whatever the mode of payment, the transaction is done securely through Paypal. Note that we have no knowledge of your banking data.


Delivery time

As soon as we receive the Paypal email that we warned that the payment has been made, are you sending the guide, and you receive in 5 minutes in your e-mail box.

Contents of the Guide:

  • Practice Info
    • Koh Tao: Identity Card (p.2)
    • Weather and Climate in Koh Tao - Thailand (p.3)
    • Map of roads, beaches and bays of Koh Tao (p.5)
    • Formalities & Tourist Visas in Thailand (p.6)
    • Guide scams in Thailand (p.9)
    • Timing of peak seasons of Koh Tao (p.12)
    • Health: Vaccines - Illness - Doctor - Accident (p.13)
    • Ecology and pollution in Koh Tao (p.15)
    • Rates and cost of living in Koh Tao? (p.17)
  • Beaches and bays
    • Guide to beaches and bays of Koh Tao (p.18)
    • Nang Yuan (p.19)
    • Sairee Beach (p.19)
    • Mae Haad Bay (p.21)
    • Jamson Bay (p.21)
    • Sai Nuan (p.22)
    • Cape Jeda Gang (p.22)
    • June Juea Beach (p.23)
    • Chalook Ban Kao (p.23)
    • TAA Toh Bay (p.23)
    • Freedom Beach (p.24)
    • Shark Bay Thiang Og Bay / Rocky Bay (p.24)
    • Sai Daeng Beach (p.24)
    • Lang Khaai Bay (p.25)
    • AO Leuk (p.25)
    • Hin Wong Bay (p.26)
    • Tanote Bay (p.26)
    • Mango Bay (p.27)
  • Transport
    • Getting around Koh Tao (p.29)
    • Come from Bangkok (p.32)
    • Come from Samui (p.35)
    • Map of roads to the Islands (p.37)
    • Grid scheduling (p.39)
    • Ticket to since the France (p.42)
  • Accommodation
    • List of hotels in Koh Tao (p)
    • Stay? (p.49)
    • Our hearts kick (p.49)
    • Luxury and honeymoon (p.49)
  • diving
    • Diving for Dummies! (p.51)
    • Spots for diving (p.53)
    • Patents and training
      • Baptism of diving (p. 54)
      • Open Water (p.55)
      • Advanced Open Water (p.56)
      • Become a pro (p.58)
      • Rescue Diver (p.59)
      • Divemaster (p.61)
      • Instructor (p.63)
  • Activities
    • Activities in Koh Tao (p.66)
    • Discovery tour of Koh Tao on 3 days (67)
    • Snokeling (p.70)
    • See sharks (p.71)
  • Eat and Drink
    • Restaurant (p.72)
    • Full Moon (p.74)
  • Bonus
    • The history of Koh Tao of 1933 to 1944 (p.75)
    • Survival Guide for the tourist in Thailand (p.78)
    • Facts and figures on tourism in Koh Tao (p.81)

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