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June Juea Beach

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Nang Yuan Island Sairee Beach mae haad bay jansom bay cape jeda gang june juea chalok baan kao taa toh bay freedom beach shark bay sai daeng beach ao leuk hin wong bay sai nuan lang khaai bay Mango Bay
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(Sometimes written Gul Juea Beach) Isolated in the middle of nowhere between an advance on the sea and a cluster of rocks, this range will appeal to the nature lover looking for calm, but also to all those who want to spend some time relaxing in Koh Tao. The diverse flora backing onto the beach and the design of some rustic bungalows we would come here nothing that to see ca. But the beach still has other qualities. Superb fine sand snorkeling spot When we venture near the Cape. High tide or low, unlike other beaches, can be y swim smoothly.

This corner of paradise was to very difficult access by road to 2011 and it was not possible for most tourists to go in 4 x 4 taxi or boat taxi. End of 2011, the luxury hotel Pinnacle Koh Tao (photo left) moved to the southern end of the beach and brought with him a road (finally) concrete now for everyone to enjoy the beach.

To go to June Juea Beach, when you are Mae Haad, head to Chalok. On the main road, you pass the Castleand then you will see Arachon House on the right and Koh Tao Toscana on your left. Turn on just right after Arachon House and then let guide you by road, it is still all right. In doing so, you will cross at a time Koh Tao Pinnacle. After a few laces to arrive at the beach. (on the left photo of the road that passes through the Koh Tao Pinnacle).

Opportunity to stay here the Moondance Bungalow or the Sunset Bungalow that is well loved.

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Moondance Bungalows
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Orchid Cliff
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Sunset Bungalows
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