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For the tourist in Thailand survival guide

Foreword: "I do not like give answers..." "Today, when it gives responses people, they have the impression that taken to are idiots and that it encroaches upon their freedom." My philosophical testamentJean Guitton.

With more than 7 trips to Thailand ranging from short to very long duration, vehicle I my love of this country to my friends and all those who want to talk about. Also when the time came for them to come and see them even, time then came to me of their pipes, spin tricks. But I say not, that this country remains a personal discovery for them, for you. And can be that in turn still graduating I new thing on their part, on your part. What will follow is a bit of a "starter kit" and resumed an e-mail that I sent to friends. It has served them well in their words, that I'm not mistaken by you contacting. Therefore, I propose to you the foot in the Stirrup to avoid some pitfalls, after, it will be for you to run, the road is long.

First trip to Thailand: I have heard of the tourists said that the Thailand is not the image that they were going there. How will I do to read the indications on the signs (ca is not the same alphabet)? How do I do to use means of transport? How do I make me understand? I speak very little English so I can't go? The reality is far from it all. The majority of the concerns falls when you arrive in Bangkok. The Thailand is a civilized country and you probably fewer problems to travel in Thailand that an English speaking French may have to France. The Thailand has several aspects that you need to discover several travel (most tourists found in Thailand are not in their first trip to the land of smiles). "The Thailand is also the story of one"easy tourism"."

The Thailand authenticthe Thailand dialects and ethnic groups, the Issan, the mountains and villages, that of the Thais who do not tourism, workers who live Earth, it is the story of life rather than a travel guide. It is the story of a trail that is not beaten. Cross on the tip of the foot for not beating the grass there. Go to the meeting of the Thailand, it's like go to one Highway to another by cutting through the fields. I would not say you are going to 'where', I would say you only to get "there". It worth the detour. Point your finger in one direction, and go for it (it is an image:).) Go to the hubbub to silence, go stress the boredom, go from the surface to the point, go "for the holidays" to the awareness of a new way of living. Thais are, of Holy des saints des saints les Thaïlandais ne sont, des saints Thaïlandais pas pas Thaïlandais not Thaïlandais pas pas not it teaches them from non-younger ages that "the Thai have good heart". Meet the Thailand possible. How? That will probably be to you to imagine. Adapts to refrain from mass tourism ; the Thailand also has beautiful things to offer for them.

In the beginning: Arrived it in Thailand in Bangkok began in noise, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. To go towards the city centre must be the public taxis (the time has not come to familiarize themselves with the bus), there are signs throughout the airport to indicate where to find but it may be that some people are trying to get away (taxi limousine and others). Public taxis have a legal duty to use the meter (counter) to avoid rip you off on the price (the Government to made great effort to improve it). In arriving at the counter of public taxis, a person you will be asked where you want to go. This person is here to do the translation (in Thai) of your destination and give to your taxi driver because some drivers poorly mastered English. Also, and despite this obligation may be that the driver would not counter en route. Made him noted that he has forgotten of the turn it on if this is the case, and luck.
I recommend arriving in Bangkok to attend Kao San Road (KSR), for the sole reason that it is conveniently located near the main river Chao Praya (opening on the Klongs: small rivers) and the main monuments. The good location of Kao San Road also makes a nest to tourists and to scams, No pinball either and what it's still a lively place to be seen. So good cultural stroll around to Kao San Road. Therefore indicate that destination at the taxi counter. A taxi from the airport costs about KSR 250THB + 70THB for the highway (that you pay for highway). There are also fees + 50THB support from the airport
Another option (cheaper) that the taxi is to take the sky train which recently opened an online rallying the airport to downtown Bangkok. The terminal stops at the Victory monument located a little more than 6 km northeast of Kao San Road. (15 minutes by taxi and a big time on foot).
Arriving at KSR You can go to the hotel the Sawadee House located a few metres from KSR learned in the Soi Rambuttri. The rooms are clean and the honest tariff, ask to have a room with a window.
Then there thousand and one things to do in Bangkok. "The attraction to before any other for me in coming to Bangkok, it is"Jim Thompson House"." It is not so much the story of Mr Thompson which is so interesting, but rather all that there are around. There are tours in French by small group. Here you will be in contact with Thai speaking guide French, sensitized to French culture, and it is probably the only Thai person speaking French you see all your stay in Thailand. This guide you talk about Thai culture, the way of life of the Thai, of their superstitions, Buddhism and animism. How to start your stay with of good bases on the Thai culture If you do not know anything. 
I turn you the visit temples because there is enough information on this subject anywhere. Do it after Jim Thompson House if possible... Attention to the visit of the monuments, there is a scams partout et surtout à KSR. Pour visiter les monuments on peut le faire en partie à pied mais le moyen le moins fatiguant c'est d'aller vers un tuk tuk et de lui demander de faire la tournée des monuments, et non pas d'écouter un Tuk Tuk qui vient vers vous pour vous le proposer. Certains sont de bonne foi mais s'ils commencent à vous proposer autre chose que ce que vous leur demandez, fuyez (pas la peine de courir non plus :). Aussi si un Tuk Tuk vous amène dans un TAT (office du tourisme), ni allez pas, il sera certainement de mèche avec eux pour vous arnaquer et vous vendre n'importe quoi moyennant commission.
Then, there is the MBK shopping centre to do so, there are often animations goshawks of the commercial centre and commercial centre in him even is typical of large Asian shopping malls that I have seen.
Then, there is the visit the Klongs (small Chao Praya affluants, the river that runs through Bangkok) in long tail boat. Best since KSR is spinning as you can to the West. You will arrive on the River. For the taxi boat)long tail boat), idem is that for the tuk tuk, best is to go to the taxi boat rather than letting the boat taxi to move you. Come to the river walk North and you will see honest boat taxis. Count 2/3 hours of visit for 800 THB.

Negotiation of rates: Pour la négociation des tarifs il y a une technique simple en Thaïlande. Si le vendeur ne veux pas négocier, partez (à moins qu'un prix fixe soit affiché), et le vendeur essayera de vous rattraper pour négocier. S'il n'essaie pas de vous rattraper, c'est que vous avez peut-être mit la barre trop bas. N'en faite pas trop non plus. Tout travail mérite salaire.., c'est la même chose que partout. Certains vendeurs n'hésitent pas à gonfler les prix par 3,4,5 ou 10 !

If you visit Bangkok in this order you will begin to feel the contrasts of Thai life in Bangkok. After 2/3 day to do it all. "It is very"mass tourism"but it's really to do." Do not miss the Eiffel Tower in Paris:)

Thailand transport : In Thailand, it is very easy to travel for tourists like us. Learn: the bus network is highly developed, much more than in many Western countries. There are buses departing almost every hour in all directions. For the train, c'est vraiment un truc à faire, imagine toi un train qui avance à 40 km/h, roulant les portes ouvertes. Entre deux wagon tu fume ta clope (ou pas) en jetant tes cendres dehors (mais pas le mégot non plus !) et là tu vois dehors des gens vivant dans des abris de fortunes. Ces "bidonvilles" te font constater que tu t'éloignes de Bangkok. Tu retourne t'asseoir à ta place. Là quelqu'un du staff du train, visiblement bourré, te demande si tu veux boire en ne te citant que des alcools. Tu demandes un coca. Là, il revient avec un coca et un seau de glace rempli de bière. Non il ne s'est pas trompé. Il espère juste que tu pioches un peu dans le seau.. que tu te bourres un peu la gueule avant de dormir (il te les facturera aussi). Toi, tu files au wagon restaurant (parfois transformé en discothèque d'appoint) histoire de voir si tout le staff est ivre. Et là tu ne te trompes pas à ceci près que ceux qui ne sont pas bourrés, sont juste nativement entre déjanté et cinglé ; mais en tout cas marrants et sympa, il suffit d'entrer dans la danse. Imaginez-vous en France trinquer et jouer de la guitare avec le contrôleur du train. En Thaïlande ça arrive. Voilà pour le tableau. Le train c'est quelque chose à faire en Thaïlande. Mais cette tendance et cette ambiance tend à disparaître progressivement et dans 5 ou 10 ans cela pourrait bien être fini... l'avenir nous le dira.

Also, if you want to take the train or the bus the better it is to take the ticket at the station (or bus station), it will avoid you to scams or commission fees. This is for transportation.

Essential phone: Arriving in Bangkok, to KSR for example is in a 7/11 (local convenience that everywhere) and request a "sim card happy DVLA" or a "sim card one two call" it cost you 100 THB. It will allow you to have a phone in Thailand number. It is always, including to call the tourism Police at 1155 (as a precaution...). To recharge the credit of the phone it is also 7/11 that it happens, just ask the Fund a refill of 100 or 60THB.

The value of money: Astuce pour avoir une notion de la valeur de l'argent en Thaïlande. Ici 1000 THB c'est beaucoup d'argent, c'est le plus gros billet. A titre d'exemple un professeur ou un policier gagnent environ 12000THB par mois. Beaucoup de thaïlandais gagnent autour de 6000THB par mois. Perso j'ai une technique qui me permet de m'y retrouver par rapport au coût de la vie et d'éviter les arnaques.
Say you 1000THB it is 500 francs (division by 2, then change of currency). So for example if sell you something said 800THB you "is for you ca is really 400 francs, would you be close to pay this price the in France", if so yes, it is that this thing in question is probably worth then well 800THB.
It also works in the other direction. for example, in France the cigarettes cost area 5? or 30 francs. And there is much qu'en Thailand cigarettes cost around 60THB (multiplication by 2, then change devise) NB: Yes we must be the generation Franc for l'astuce be practical:)

Behavior with money : To avoid spreading your tickets. Do not post not in public 10,000 THB which account for some 1 month's salary. Too many people made and now the Thai believe aliens are all millionaires. Try to not more than 5 000THB remove both. Can do a lot of thing with this amount. A trick to familiarize themselves with the currency, made a poker between you:) ca has the bizarre air but at the end you know by heart the different ticket very quickly. A good idea is to start from the France (or regardless of where you come) with 100? in Pocket and to the Exchange on arrival at Bangkok airport.

The Passport : the always keep with you in a Pocket that you greenhouse in the body, et à l'abris des pick pocket. Idem pour la carte de crédit. Si vous perdez votre passeport, inutile de paniquer. Téléphonez immédiatement (enfin.. lorsque vous êtes vraiment sûre de l'avoir perdu) à l'ambassade de France à Bangkok et tout rentrera dans l'ordre. C'est arrivé à des proches et tout est rentré dans l'ordre. Mais attention ça se complique si vous perdez votre passeport pas longtemps avant de repartir vers la France. Aussi, à l'arriver à Bangkok vous aurez la "departure card" et "arrivale card" à remplir. L'immigration l'agrafera dans votre passeport. Ne la perds pas, ca n'est pas qu'un vulgaire bout de papier. Si tu la perds ils pourront retrouver ton dossier mais en combien de temps...

Tips in bulk : If a Thai landed you in the street and begins to chat with you and will ask you if you actually already came in Thailand, answers Yes... It is not to lie but the scammers Thai chose mainly newcomers. Remember to take a map of Bangkok from the airport. Rule, never to get excited... and c'est holidays:) I also hope that you you are documented on the Thai culture before coming. Between my first coming in Thailand and today, my way to see the country has changed. Thais will tell you probably not all of their culture in your (first) exchanges, because in general you have awareness of his own culture, we live with, that's all. That tell you about your culture if an Australian requested? Hard answer of the tac - to tac if there is no minimal culture of our interlocutor. Where to start? That is not clear that he already knows? What are my ideas and what are his? If you have the habits to encounter other cultures you may know all that. It would be a pity to visit the Thailand without worrying about all these things. Document you. The people who live the Thailand has in his heart an as old as our history.

The law is the law: At a time of the trip you will may be forget laws or may be that you do not know. So small bite of recall of certain laws:

  • Null makes sense know the law (it starts well yes)
  • Mandatory seatbelt in a car (even if the driver do you not talk about..)
  • Wearing of helmets for the driver of two motorized wheels.
  • Drug use is severely punished by the law.
  • If we find you in bed with a minor under the age of 16 you may life in prison
  • Money games are prohibited except the national lottery.
  • Attention a not to exceed the length of your visa. Fine to the key.

As a general rule we could say: Do not in Thailand that you would not do in France

Bon voyage and take care of you!

Further reading recommended : Guide to scams in Thailand

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Page last updated April 21 April 2012.

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Dec. 11. 2010 04:45 Anonymous said:
Thank you. Island of the meeting.

April 06, 2011 17:29 Anonymous said:
Thanks for all your information
The Farang

On 06 Feb. 2012 10:22 The Farang said:
1 -1
It is far the temples or 20 baths were worth 1 US$ which itself was worth 5 francs. 1969 And for 1700 francs via large German travel agencies (Touropa and others) was the plane AR, a week the First hotel and 1900 francs was the Dusit Thani. Of course the small dej buffet included.
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cuckoo on

On 14 oct. 2012 17:51 cuckoo on said:
For me, 1000 baht = 1000 francs
(the "minimum wage" could be to 6000 baht, it is held)
and it is much easier
Titi on

On 28 oct. 2012 10:29 Titi on said:
I think there a little concern for currency conversion, October 28, 2012,
100 EUROS = THB 3974
Anonymous on

25 Jan. 2013 02:16 Anonymous on said:
There are 48 h 100? = 3945
There are 24 h 100? = 3930thb
I'm on the spot.
Heng li on

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Posts: 2
Since 04/02/2013
04 Feb. 2013 20:47 Heng li on said:
could you tell me what budget is a plan for a stay of 3 js a bangkok and for 1 week also is it you please? It is two
have you a hotel has recommend for not too expensive between 15 and 25 euros per night, we want to be well positioned to walk the mbk, market and visit temples. Thank you!
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Steph on

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Posts: 4
From 05/02/2013
05 Feb. 2013 07:49 Steph on said:
Hi all
Here I will be for the 3rd time in Bangkok next week, I was told of a site www.sanooklife.com about activities in Thailand someone has you it heard?
The last time in Bangkok after again to make my turn I just turned round... voila
Thanks in advance and good session
MH on

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From 04/11/2013
On 04 nov. 2013 01:49 MH on said:
It starts in Thailand 3 days with our family (11 people) can you tell me the cheapest to go to centre our hotel silom transport mode. And to circulate a bangkok c is more advantageous to take a card pass unlimited bts mrt and bus and how can it get it, thank you for re-laying me as soon as possible
Siam on

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Posts: 2
From 07/02/2014
07 Feb. 2014 01:45 Siam on said:
Just first thank you for this introduction. I'm 5 2 days in bangkok, Koh samui and phuket 6. Can tell me what budjet I have to predict just to eat and make me happy and what is it is better that I Exchange my money in france or Thailand? If it's in Thailand do I remove in france before?
Thank you for your response.
Anonymous on

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Posts: 4
From 05/02/2013
07 Feb. 2014 02:05 Anonymous on said:
Me I you recommended a site very cool friendlylocaltrip.com or j took a guide for two days in December and really nice and nothing of tourist like d hab... Good day
Karstar on

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From 27/04/2014
On April 27, 2014 20:15 Karstar on said:
We are starting (2 adults + 2 children) in the Gulf of Thailand, specifically to pass qqls days Ko Tao then a week in Krabi. Looking at flights and transfers, I start to worry. Internal flights (to Ko Samui and Krabi to Bangkok) for a family of 4 are very expensive. So, I thought about the night departing from Bangkok train but I confess with 2 children, I understood a little. Another problem, from Bordeaux, we would arrive very early in the morning in Bangkok and with the inevitable fatigue, this seems risky to attempt a visit to Bangkok (from 10 h) with the trip go in the legs... Have you good advice? Thank you very much
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composer81 on

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Posts: 1
From 07/07/2014
Jul 07. 2014-15:54 composer81 on said:
My daughter has landed in bangkok with a friend Monday at about 0800 (local). This is their first trip. Given that his phone is being activated (she wanted to agree a new package just before departure) the only way my wife and I have to communicate with them is her friend tel. Since their message indicating that they had well landed (around 10 hours local) and they arrived at the hotel (hotel plaza rambuttri) I no longer have the slightest contact. Their hotel (with which I could already have confirmation of their arrival) sounds occupied and tel's girlfriend sounds either in vacuum or there is a stall with nothing, either local or french responder. Being anxious nature and knowing nothing to the country I feel poorly for several hours already. All types of scenarios come to mind, starting with the reliability of taxis between the airport and the city centre (kidnapping or other horrors) If you can help me, enlighten me, that would be great. Thank you in advance for your reply
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