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Book at the best prices on Koh Tao

Read this first: Council prior to booking

    How to find the best rates?
    What are the best sites?

    That's the question we asked and we will try to answer

    We will proceed by a comparative study for a particular hotel in a room and given a reservation on a particular date for a given period:
    - We choose the Charm Churee Koh Tao as a hotel. This hotel is very popular and more upscale. It is assumed that many Internet sites should give us a stay in this hotel, including boards
    - To date, any time we choose. Without special party in the period. Choose the November 1 which is any time in Thailand
    - Also, we will choose to book this hotel for a period of 1 days for not to do too many calculations for the final result
    - We take a deluxe room.

    We will use Google as a starting point of our research. We therefore take "Charm Churee" (with quotes) in Google

  • The study

  • Google takes us back 26,900 results for "Charm Churee". Here we go, we will look at a few sites and compare rates
    After a good half hour of research is the result that one can have

    Booking site Rate for the night of 1 to 2 November 2010
    for a deluxe room
    at Charm Churee
    for 2 people including breakfast
    Board ido24 4220 THB
    Site www.charmchureevilla.com/ 4200 THB
    Expedia 4158THB
    R24 Authority (nowing used by kohtaozone.com) 3900 THB
    Agoda.com 3893 THB
    www.booking.com 3780 THB
  • The result

  • After consulting many websites we see that rates may vary slightly from site to site variations and are rarely very large. We have removed all sites that give identical prices for the same service. So no duplicate rate in our results

    We prefer R24.org So now that we use among others in our section on kohtaozone Koh Tao Hotel : Their rates are among the best when looking at a sample of several hotels. Their site is updated, the photos and descriptions are beautiful and representative of our local knowledge, and money transactions are secured by SSL. Only downside, the site is in English

    In number 2 we like Living Koh Tao (IDO24 network). The prices are not the best (sometimes 3 or 4 euros more) for some hotels, but they offer hotels that are not found elsewhere. Also we like the translation in French, something not found much elsewhere. Beautiful presentation

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