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Ecology and pollution in Koh Tao

Last day November 24, 2010

Koh Tao: a jewel to be protected

If we write this page it is because Koh Tao is a beautiful place is our heaven on earth, and we hope that the rest for you, but above all for us

Koh Tao is a small island (21km ²), which drains a large stream of tourists (several hundreds of tourists all the time). Face is finding it necessary to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude. It is the sustainability of Koh Tao

Water : Water Resources of Koh Tao is limited. The water of Koh Tao comes mainly from the rain and as Koh Tao is experiencing monsoon season relatively moderate compared to other regions (and this is part of her popular with tourists), we must conserve water. The ground water is also used, filtered and cleaned to be made potable. This water bottle is sold in specialty stores. While drinking, it should be quite careful when the drinking water use because it lacks some essential minerals. We must therefore think it complements with mineral water. (If you wish to make a particular use of that information, we invite you to make yourself your investigation because we could not verify the veracity of the source of this water and we have not seen the facilities for that filtering)

Electricity : A Koh Tao electricity is not supply generator running on fossil fuels (thus polluting because it gives off carbon dioxide) when burned. Limit your consumption of electricity, reduce pollution in Koh Tao. These generators are functioning relatively well (in that they do their work) but are relatively rudimentary to believe the power outages that may place several times a week on the island. These generators and the electricity is provided by the government. Also, hotels, springs and some individual houses often use another source of private power to deal with the occasional power outages. So if you rent a house, it will not be uncommon to have a lever that allows you to switch from one power source to another (past electricity to electricity public private). The private electricity cost far more than private power. Also, other shows can not or unwilling to access this power source will suffer power cuts. Also note that some jurisdictions, the most distant from the active centers, voluntarily cut electricity during certain times, typically much of the day generally, such as in Hin Wong Bay

Waste : As everywhere on the islands of Thailand taking on tourism, the beaches of Koh Tao are regularly cleaned by the merchants of the island and volunteers dive center (that benefits of tourism) but the clean-up has its limits. All waste can not be picked up (sometimes they are not easily visible), sometimes end up in waste water. So we'll see some here and there of waste that have not yet been picked up. This waste often not visible only later to be picked up, but if you want to help preserve Koh Tao, collected waste will not take you forgot a lot of time. Pollution from waste may be limited or completely eradicated if everyone you work hard enough. Do not throw anything on the ground, even if there is no trash anywhere on Koh Tao, there are only a little

Waste recycling : Any waste have the same ability to be destroyed and recycled. Prefer the cardboard packaging and glass rather than plastic materials. Also, avoid using plastic bags to transport your purchases. Something we no longer have in many countries

Waste Disposal: Koh Tao has a landfill / recycling center. Some of the waste is destroyed on site to Koh Tao and another part is transported off the island for disposal or recycling. It does not take this last source of official information but we saw several boats at night to transport waste, especially plastic bottles. When you eat a few things that generate waste, try to think how they will be recycled or destroyed on this small island of Koh Tao. If you can, sort your trash yourself. Some hotels offer bins for plastic, glass ... ask. We know you're on holiday .. But ecology is not expected to stay in Koh Tao

Wastewater Treatment : No wastewater treatment in Koh Tao, almost everything is to sea So think about what you throw at the tap and the sink and toilet. Do not dispose of paper and no harmful solids or in toilets or sinks. You will have noticed, or you will notice, in Thailand using a shower to wipe their ass. We do not throw paper in the toilet, much less sanitary wipes. Otherwise, it is the local address the problem remains

Pollution of the Sea: Koh Tao Sea is already experiencing adverse effects due to climate change (warming of the sea) is bad for the coral (coral bleaching). Do not add a layer and act responsibly. Avoid including sunscreens (see our "Health"). And also to make awareness to the protection of the sea we offer this piece of François Sarano Longitude181 of that affects us and is particularly representative of the situation in Koh Tao

"Friend diver

You will visit the most beautiful coral reefs, sharks mix with and meet the whales, you will discover the marine world

To do this, you will sit a few days, in a country of fishermen, farmers,
traders live year round. Their traditions are different from yours
Natural resources on which they depend are often scarce. Fresh water, in particular,
is a scarce and valuable

The life of the country is not just that of the hotel you are staying, as enjoyable as it is. Enjoy
free time between each dive to meet other eyes, to hear other stories, you
will be amazed at the rich culture and hospitality of the people living there

Your purchasing power is very often much higher than theirs
Do not provoke the sacking of the sea and in the long term, depletion of fishermen, buying sad memories: shark teeth, shells, coral, turtle shells
Vigorously deny the shark fin soup and turtle, shockingly torn from the sea
These animals could disappear

Underwater, you will visit a living world, beautiful but fragile. Friction, shocks crush and kill animals that enchant the landscape set that you have come to admire
The disturbance may scare the fish that protect their eggs, delivering offspring to predators
The feeding upsets the balance between species and perverts fish behavior

You want to find tomorrow, a wild marine world as rich as you visit today. You want the joy of sharing these wonders with your friends and your children
so be curious about everything, but be discreet, attentive and light ..!
By your behavior today, offer to future generations of divers wonder of a world untouched, the excitement of an encounter with sharks and whales, an underwater adventure as rich as yours. "

The message is clear Be responsible

Our overall impression: Koh Tao is a small island with limited infrastructure to enable optimal management of pollution. While "we do with the means at hand." As we see more more preventive and financial means to Koh Tao injected to relieve stress from work due to various problems. Yet we believe that Koh Tao is doing more with it. In fact, the pollution is not very visible in Koh Tao in the sense that most tourists coming to Koh Tao do not even think of the word "pollution" or very little. Only those who will turn one near the outlet and see the discharge into the sea of ​​waste water at certain times will begin to ask questions

Koh Tao more polluted than elsewhere or not? Here's a question that often comes from those who begin to feel aware of these issues, perhaps even you. As we said just before, we can, and it is almost always the case, a holiday in Koh Tao without being bothered by the pollution. Sign that the pollution in Koh Tao is a problem that is still well managed. But do not see the pollution (waste, waste water discharge to the sea) does not mean that there is no pollution. In fact you should know that if Koh Tao has problems of pollution, this problem is much broader than one might think and is not located at Koh Tao. Often only people who want to see this problem happen to see him. Examples: We have also seen on Koh Phi Phi waste disposal at sea should also be noted that some waste can also come from neighboring islands such as Koh Phangan, which generates a lot of waste during the full moon party. Where else do you know the lucky ball, these balls of paper that turns in the center, which flies away for miles into the air and end are nowhere. These "balloon" in the center is composed of an iron structure that will pollute the sea, and the balloons go of all the islands in Thailand, not only to Koh Tao: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi ... But then, these iron son end up in the sea so we do not see them. And for some, this is not seen does not exist. The difference is that Koh Tao is one of the diving and the water is clear, so that for some island and some people is not a problem becomes to Koh Tao

If have more talk of pollution in Koh Tao, Koh Tao is that an island is smaller and therefore more fragile to fight against the different attack. Above all, Koh Tao to a marine preserve treasures, more than the islands around which the underwater visibility is poorer. So it's also why we talk more pollution in Koh Tao, there are fears because there are more things to keep in a smaller space. These fears have a positive side as more and more people begin to be aware of and are therefore attention to their daily activities

The last word: You will probably spend a vacation paradise in Koh Tao without seeing pollution. You wish. But remember that it is not because we do not see anything there is nothing behind, I think especially in volunteer work. If pollution is still managed in Koh Tao, it has to particularly hard to improve. Never mind that all of us. Koh Tao and bright! long

Source: this analysis, this page is the result of months of living in Koh Tao, many informal exchanges with the locals and expatriates on the island

environment, sustainable development, tourism, mass tourism, ecotourism
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Dec. 07. 2010 23:01 Anonymous said:
I am currently licensed in marine biology at La Rochelle, after a journey of nine months in Australia, and Asia, I began to pursue my studies in a field that tied my two passions: travel and surround. I plan to incorporate a master Environment and Tourism in Paris is for these reasons that I would carry my end of 3rd year in an organization advocating environmental causes that I share. I would love to be an intern in your team. I am available from mid-April until late July. If you wish to contact me, I remain at your disposal

Kind regards

Olivia Perez
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