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Thailand visa: case studies

Mandatory prefetching: Prefetching to understand the concepts of the visa in Thailand

Warning: in this page, made while the difference between exemption Visa and extension Visa. This is written almost like then is quickly mix.

Case Study 1:
I want to go to Thailand and make a trip to Laos (or other country border)
How do I go about visas?

Case Study 2:
I want to go to Thailand for five months and a half and I want to go to Cambodia and Malaysia 8 days 6 days
What can I do?

There is a many cases as possible to calculate your need for visa. Depending on how long you want to stay in Thailand and the number of entries you want to do

Many people who make trips across Southeast Asia with passages in Thailand. This page is here to answer certain questions with a case study approach to give you technical calculations

We go on 2 case studies quite common is not always simple
The second is more complicated and if you understand you will have understood visas That can do more can do less!

Case Study 1: I want to go to Thailand and make a trip to Laos (or other country border), how do I go about visas?

In this case you will therefore be two entries in Thailand, the first arriving in your country of origin, and the second arriving in Laos. Considering that the first time you arrive by plane, then the second time you arrive in Thailand by land (border crossing), then you are entitled to 2 visa exemptions The first visa waiver will be 30 days, and the second visa waiver will be 15 days

Let the parameters of the problem:
DT1: the length of your first visit to Thailand
T2D: the length of your second run in Thailand
DL1: the duration of passage in Laos.
DTEx1: the duration of the exemption of visa for your first pass in Thailand
DTEx2: the duration of the exemption of visa for your second crossing in Thailand

If t1d > DTEx1 then you will need 1 visa
If T2D > DTEx2 then you will need 1 visa
If T1d > DTEx1 and T2D > DTEx2 then you will need 1 double visa entry

Optimization: If you want to make your stay with a passage in Laos by the Earth without the need for a visa, must be be less than DTEx1 (i.e. 30 days) t1d and T2D is less to DTEx2 (15 days).

If the length of one of your passages in Thailand is greater than the length of your visa exemption, then you will need a visa and if the duration of the visa does not (60 days), then you will need a extension of visa (+ 30 days).

Case study 2: I want to go to the Thailand for 5 months and a half and I want to go to Cambodia 8 days and Malaysia 6 days. How do me?

(This case study is a resumption of the messages that we have posted on a forum).

First it should be noted that the tourist visa entitles to 60 days in Thailand and that it is possible to an extension of visa in a law giving immigration office to 30 additional days.
Also remember that on active visas when it Thailand (exit more re-return in the territory).
A double visa entry therefore gives us the right to:
(60 + 30) + (60 + 30) = 180 days (area around 6 months) in Thailand.

Also remember that each time that it is Thailand by the Earth we have the right to an exemption from visa for 15 days and that if you arrive by air, we have the right to an exemption from visa for 30 days.

Finally, it should be noted that if we do 2 outputs, this we will then total 3 entry in Thailand (the initial entry + 1 entry after the excursions in Malaysia + 1 entry after the tour in Cambodia)

Let's start by determining our visa requirements.

Our total stay will period 5 months and a half either 165 days.

Also we know that we want to stay in Thailand 151 days.
165 days (5 and a half months of stay) - 8 days (Cambodia)-6 days (Malaysia) = 151 days in Thailand

Proposal without a visa

The visa exemptions maximum (if one comes into Thailand each time through the air) we will do that (30 + 30 + 30) 90 days in Thailand. It's not enough for our 151 days, so we will need a priori at least a visa

Proposals with a single entry visa

Taking a single entry visa we would be entitled to:
1 visa 60 days + 1 visa extension of 30 days + 2 visa waiver 30 days (assuming you arrive by air in Thailand) = 150 days

The single-entry visa may be possible (we assume that one can remove our journey in one day) but it would give us some flexibility in the dates of passage in Malaysia and Cambodia and we would have to have planning fixed and above all we will have to come back each time in Thailand by air (air). Keep this case as possible. We will then have the three following schedule possible. The difference lies in the date of use of our visa

Planning a possible I use my visa in my first entry into Thailand

J 0: arrived in Thailand and use of the visa (60 days)
J 60: visa extension carried out in an immigration office in Thailand
J 90: Exit to go to Cambodia for 8 days
J 98: Entry into Thailand and obtaining a visa waiver for 30 days
J 128: Exit to go to Malaysia for six days
J 134: entry into Thailand and obtaining a visa waiver for 30 days
J 164: release of Thailand

Planning two possible I use my visa in my second entry into Thailand

J + 0: arrived in Thailand and obtaining an exemption from visa for 30 days
J + 30: exit to go to Cambodia for 8 days
J + 38: entry in Thailand and use of the visa (60 days)
J + 98: 30-day visa extension in an Office in Thailand
J 128: Exit to go to Malaysia for six days
J 134: entry into Thailand and obtaining a visa waiver for 30 days
J 164: release of Thailand

Planning 3 possible: I use my visa in my 3rd entry in Thailand

J + 0: arrived in Thailand and obtaining an exemption from visa for 30 days
J + 30: exit to go to Cambodia for 8 days
J + 38: entry into Thailand and obtaining an exemption from visa for 30 days
J + 68: exit to go on Malaysia for 6 days
J + 74: entry in Thailand and use of the visa (60 days)
J + 134: extension of 30 days visa in a bureau of immigration in Thailand
J 164: release of Thailand

Note: you have 90 days to use your visa after the date of obtaining. So think not to do visa application too soon. And in the previous case, they could have Imagine applying for visa in France, either in our passages in Malaysia or in Cambodia.

Conclusion: our planning is possible but enough frozen and above all it requires to have arrived in Thailand by air each time. A double entry visa will give us surely more flexibility, this is what we will see.

Proposals with a double visa entry: more flexibility

In this course we have 1 output required to enable the second entry of the visa and 2 mandatory passages in an immigration office for visa extensions.

Let's start by simplifying the problem to us in the bath, and consider in the first place are not to make stay elsewhere than in Thailand and that it wants to stay 6 months in Thailand. This is then one of our possible visa schedules:

J + 0: arrived in Thailand 
J + 60: first local expansion carried out in an Office in Thailand 
J + 90: exit of the Thai territory (and then re - return the Thai territory on the same day) 
J + 150: second local expansion carried out in an Office in Thailand 
J + 180: out of Thai territory

Now consider the problem of starting all: namely that it want stay 5 month and a half and that you want to also make 2 outputs. The question then is: how intersperse these outputs in my planning?

As we want to output 2 (Cambodia and Malaysia), it will say that there is 1 output will help start the 2nd entered (2nd Visa). For the other we will see ca later... 
Also, as less than the 6 months allowed by the double is still entered (because it is 5 months and half or about 165J). 
This means that one has at least a 15-day beat period to determine the date of the second coming. (this is within this beat that is the flexibility of this solution)

Show the: 
On the one hand will be the second entered at the earliest: 
J + 165-90 = J + 75 
(165 is the end of the stay and 90 is the duration of the residence permit of the 2nd visa including an extension of 30 days) 
More by: 
J + 90 
(90 is the period of validity of the visa and when you consider you get the double entry visa just before leaving for Thailand)
It was therefore between J 75 and J 90 to the second input
90-75 = 15 days time to select the beat of the second date entered is 15 possibilities possible

So you want to do a second output, and ca ca means 2 things:
1: This output will end our current visa
2: This output will give us the right to 15 days visa-free when you re-enter Thailand (the land)


At this point we know there are two important things:
A: it was between J 75 and J 90 to use the second entry
B: the 2nd exit will end the current visa and this event will earn 15 J Visa Waiver when you re-enter the earth

From there a lot of opportunity. Consider a simple case and possible

Consider that it is the second entry at the earliest, or J 75:

0 J arrived in Thailand
60 J visa extension
J 67 exit to Cambodia for 8 daysto
J 75 arrived in Thailand and use your second entry
J 135 Visa extension
J 144 out of Thailand and Malaysia towardsto
J 150 entry into Thailand and 15 days use of Visa Waiver
J 165 out of Thailandto

Another possibility, but this time I think we made the 2 nd joined later, on day 90

0 J arrived in Thailand
60 J visa extension
J + 82 exit in Cambodia for 8 dayto
J + 90 came to Thailand and use your 2nd entered 
J + 150 Visa extension 
J + 144 out of the Thailand and management Kuala Lumpurto
J + 150 entered Thailand and use of the 15 days of Visa waiver 
J 165 out of Thailandto

When comparing these last 2 models, there is that there between J + 67 and J + 82 to Cambodia but that however your dates to go to Kuala Lumpur may not vary and it is normal because this is part of our assumptions. This model we win flexibility from the simple visa entry and especially do not require us to fly. We were given 2 possibilities of planning. Also there are many others. 

For example go without a visa and use 30 days of visa exemption at the beginning, and then then go to destination in Kuala Lumpur to a visa double entry there. It would give: 

J + 0 in Thailand.
J + 30 departure for Kuala Lumpur and do the double entry visato
J + 36 arrived in Thailand and use of the first entered the visa 
J + 96 visa extension 
J + 118 departure for Cambodiato
J + 126 arrived in Thailand and use of the second entered the visa 
J 165 out of Thailandto

With this model there is an extension of visa in less to do, so a lower overall cost. 

Note: currently it is possible to obtain double visa entry in Malaysia. But what matters here is to have understood the principle.

Final conclusion

Think about "play" with your visa exemptions and note your requirements of travel black on white. Once it is, opportunities apparaîtrons of it even if you follow our logic in calculating all of your dates (visa extensions and mandatory) to the earlier and the later. Those who are accustomed to the project management will be more comfortable than others, but it remains accessible to all.

Also and you have perhaps noticed, in our case, our flexibility given by the solution with 2 visa is 15 days. 15 days ca mean 15 possible dates. In made the flexibility you will always depend CA: maximum duration provided by visa double entry (180 days), less the actual duration that you want to stay in Thailand. Finally, less you will long remain in Thailand, and more you will have flexibility to choose the dates of your excursions in border countries.

Visa, permit of stay, how many day and number of days, calculation of visa
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the traveller

Nov 24, 2002. 2010 10:03 the traveller said:
Ouha... Ouha... Ouha... ba me I say low Hat Mr. (or Madam)! I think I begin to understand, I have more than to move to my own case:) in any case thanks a lot!
Anonymous on

Dec. 09. 2010 12:16 Anonymous on said:
I am in Thailand with a 30JRS tourist visa expires on 14 dec 2010 going 7JRS air Cambodia; I returned to Thailand by air; my return to paris ticket is the 31JANV 2010 how do I operate
Member moderator

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Validated user
Posts: 2921
Published articles: 732
Joined: 10/10/2010
Dec. 09. 2010 12:24 Charly said:
Hi, in your case, you're good for another visa during your visit in Cambodia. I do not know when you go to Cambodia because does you it specified steps, but that ca, either today or on December 14, 2010, you want to go after 7 days, so later you want to go in Thailand December 21. You will therefore remain in Thailand between December 21, 2010 and January 31, 2011, so 41 days. And to stay 41 days on Thai soil, need you a tourist visa. Another possibility, you still 11 days more in Cambodia, 18 days. As ca you only 30 days left in Cambodia and you have therefore an exemption from visa for 30 days because you arrived by plane. But I think that you want to spend the holiday of the year in Thailand then... no choice, made another visa to Cambodia.
PS: I think that your ticket return is not the January 31, 2010 but 2011;)

(View profile)
Posts: 3
From 12/09/2011
Sept. 12. 2011 09:57 Nano said:
Here is my case: I am on 8/10/2011 in Bangkok with the company Etihad, and I remained there until 25/10 then I go to Cambodia for 1 week...Return to Bangkok on 1/11/2011 and I finished my vacation on the Thai to the 26/11/2011.Je ground has the visas for Cambodia. My question is this: need Me a visa for Thailand?
Please help me....
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(View profile)
Posts: 4
From 05/02/2012
05 Feb. 2012 04:31 Soso said:
Already thanks for all these small Info! This is my situation:
-departure February 29 to bangkok (arrived 1 March)
-from 5 to 30 March Chiang Mai ITM
-from 2 April to the 1st may Salaya WATPO
-from 14 May to June 8, IDEM.

My question is this: the residence for 114 days, what should I use as a type of visa?
Knowing that I had spent hours expect a circuit with at each time about 27jours of interval, to get out of the Thailand 2 days (Burma, Cambodia, Viet Nam and Laos). Only after having spend more than 5 hours to all predict to the minute.... I come across information that cannot be re - return that, 2 times maximum the Kingdom and with a maximum of 90 days for a period of 6 months and more.
Please help me, I go long and I don't know what to believe and I don't at all understand. Knowing that I am informed basis on site of embassies and consulates.

Thanks in advance.
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Dodo on

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Posts: 3
Since 01/12/2012
On 01 Dec. 2012 05:36 Dodo on said:
Hello to all,

Not taking the aircraft I chosen to travel in Asia by cargo of goods.
I preparing so my trip to Malaysia by sea route to then come to Thailand by land.
But a few unanswered questions just darken the beautiful postcard from my trip.
Enfaîte I do not know if I can apply for my visa Thai in France while my port of arrival is in Malaysia or so if I could do the same type of visa ** my arrived in Malaysia a. (** visa multiple entries)
So if someone at the beginning of a beginning of answer to this first question and well I'm interested. ;)

Then a few point was thin,.
Do you know if it will take me a visa my arrived in Malaysia a? knowing that I would be passing just a few days time d? get my thai visa potential.

Last small question and promised after I leave you tranquil;
And possible til I stay 1 years in Thailand with this potential visa issued in Malaysia (KL)? If not, what would be the best approach to do so I can y stayed 1ans or +.

If you have any advice for prepared at best my trip I will have take it with great pleasure.
Thanks to all for your future responses. At your keyboard :
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Posts: 2
From 22/12/2012
Dec. 22. 2012 02:26 Florence said:
Thanks for this post that helped me to understand the visa dual-input, I think... Here is our journey:
-It is in South Asia is for 11 months
-December 9, 2012, has been a visa 60 days for Thailand from Penang in Malaysia
-on 12 January 2013, let's in Burma by air and were returned to Thailand on 24 January 2013 by air also
- but you leave of by land border to Cambodia January 25, 2013 and we returned to Thailand by land on 16 February, so it will normally have 14 days visa-free
-the problem is that some friends join us February 17 until March 3, so with our 14 days, that's not enough...
-March 3 on hand to Laos and return late March in Thailand because our parents arrive for 17 days... Here again our 14 days are not enough...

Question: is it possible to a visa 60-day double entry in Cambodia that has been one of 60 days but entry of Malaysia? If Yes, how much it cost approximately?
Thank you very much

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caro52 on

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Posts: 2
From 25/03/2013
March 25, 2013 08:22 caro52 on said:
Here is my question, we arrive in Thailand on 18 November, we go to sleep one night in bangkok to catch a flight to Luang Prabang on 19 nov (no connection on the same day...) We remain in Laos until December 8 with a return by land in Thailand until January 25. A visa double entry enough for us there? Because if we go back overland we have 15 days right d? exemption but double entry visa we will allow to be the 56 days on the Thai ground... Finally what I understood, can you tell me if my reasoning is correct...
thank you in advance
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