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Map of Koh Tao interactive

You are looking for a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a convenience store, a large area or anything to Koh tao? This interactive map is here to help.
If you want to submit an error or add contact us without hesitation to info@samui-passion.com.

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Bars (10)
Diving Center (35)
Clubs (5)
Sights (2)
Hotels (119)
Longstay (8)
Market (1)
Point of view (5)
Restaurants (14)
Health - dentist (1)
Health - Hospital (1)
Services (7)
Shopping (8)
Dive spot (17)
Transportation (9)
Villa (1)

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From 26/04/2011
April 26, 2011 19:49 Agnes said:
Hello and thank you for your site that is useful
You can can be help me I just in August and wants to dive and I need clarification on the bungalows "sb cabana" or the "2" I hesitate because their situation is the gap or too close to too much noise or night animations? I wish to stay 1 week with 1 friend and 2 children 17 and 11. rest is important for diving and for the ado it is not if isolation is a good idea
Please enlighten me
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