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Multimedia program for learning the alphabet Thai (5 times in 20 minutes) - Free


    This program will be useful even if you do just that two weeks in Thailand, if you want to have better contact with the Thai people

    Knowing the alphabet, you err more in the country by looking at the signs and indications as from another world, your brain will seek itself to decipher what is likely to be read. You'll want, learn more about the language. Come to Thailand knowing the basics of the language, the alphabet is Discover Thailand with a different lookCloser to its people
    This program has several functions:
    • you can learn the Thai alphabet in no time and fun way (technical rehearsal and visual and auditory memory: no necessary reflection on your part);
    • You can begin to use in good conditions a dictionary French-Thai or Thai-French using a transliterations or transcripts ;
    • complete a method of learning the Thai language.

    Fixation of learning by repetition is done in time. 5 to 10 sessions of 20 minutes should be enough.
    If you don't spend more than 2 days between sessions of exercise, this work will be sealed off in 1 week. It would be a pity do without for so little.
    Prerequisites: No.
    But, for correctly grasp, this program must be completed: either by a dictionary which offers in its pages an approach to the reading of the language, or by a Thai learning method.
    Complementary Internet sites may be sufficient in the first place.
    This program will be an ideal complement, see essential, especially if you're self-taught.

    Recommended references:

    • Thai - Charles Degnaux French dictionary available in the Bookazine, in all major cities in Thailand and all good bookstores in lines.
    • site www.Francais-Thai.com by the same author.
    • site Thai Language) http://www.Thai-language.com/ ) (To check when you have the basic knowledge of reading Thai, to say nothing of being expert)

    Use of the program and progress Council

    The program, available below, has areas and options :
    The Central range displays the Thai letters and the word Thai associated with each letter (with their translation in French). Click on the letters to hear.  
    Namely: the Thai learn their alphabet with associated words.
    Remember you of the International alphabet: A, alpha, B, bravo, C, charly, D, delta...
    When in France it simply says "A B C..." to recite the alphabet, the Thai will say instead "A Cabinet B baby C celery...", as the international alphabet. These associated words to retain the pronunciation of each letter in Thai. Learning the Thai alphabet is therefore inseparable from the words associated with each letter. For example, the first letter of the Thai alphabet pronounced "Ko Kai", "KB" is the letter and "Kai" which means "chicken" is the associated Word.
    If ask you a Thai the first letter of the alphabet, he will tell you always "Ko Kai" and not "KB".
    Learn the alphabet will allow you to learn as many words there are in Thai consonants.  

    Top right :
    It is noted that during the learning of their language by the Thai vowels and consonants are not mixed. If you ask them to recite the alphabet, they do give to you than consonants. 
    Vowels - called "Sala" - are learned separately. 
    In the top right of the program you can choose which section you wish to work.

    "learn from: to:" :
    This part allows you to display only a portion of the letters.
    If it were the French, you would, for example, to learn A to D or H to O.
    You can select the range of letter that you want to learn. We recommend slices of 5 letters.
    Always by comparison with the French learn, for example, of A-E and then when this learning is acquired, mix letters and try to guess them. Then go to a different range of 5 letters. When you are finished with these new 5 letters, you now have a vocabulary of 10 letters to your assets. Display them and then mix again.

    Option to set learning (several options in the program):
    Mix, sort (ascending, the Thai also have, an order for their alphabet), show/hide words in Thai, show/hide the words in French. All of these options will allow you to test your learning. When you think you know a letter range, go a c? ur joy with the options. You will be a master of the alphabet when you'll pronounce all letters without the help of the Thai words or French words and by mixing! The next step is to recite the alphabet without the help of the program.

    Use this program with a helmet to voice the Lek.  
    Lek is tongue Thai and also talks about the French. Many thanks to him for his involvement in the dissemination of its language.
    The best conditions for this part of the learning is to work alone in a room. Not hesitate to pronounce the letters aloud. It's all a little afraid of ridicule first but it's more funny than anything else.
    Every aspect of the pronunciation in importance: the pitch (when you ask a question in French, the tone is not the same; it has particular importance.) (Here it is the same thing), length of vowels.
    It's simple, do like a parrot!

Thai Alphabet Training Center

The program should open below relatively quickly (within seconds). It has been tested on FireFox 3.6.9, Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 6. It needs to be installed Flash Player 10.

This program has more?
We are not asking for money (unless you insist:). Info@kohtaozone.com a message we will be happy. The best way to thank us will be to introduce this program to others

You want more?
Send us a message for info@kohtaozone.com we encourage. And maybe one day

For teachers:
If you are a teacher, all collaborations can be studied. Availability of the application on your site, change and improve the application for your use, vocabulary. Contact us info@kohtaozone.com

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This program is free but not open source. All attempts at reverse engineering is prohibited. If you want the sources of this project please contact us by motivating your project


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Posts: 1
From 22/01/2011
22 Jan. 2011 04:32 lyanely said:
Hello, I discovered your site today. I speak Thai pretty well after having used all over the place the "Introduction to Thai" assimilation. Last year I did a course on learning Thai internet and thought after the last lesson 22 and arriving at an understanding of the writing of this language, the only disappointment being voià stops at 22 but the lesson no l? complete alphabet. So discouraged I dropped everything and have forgotten almost everything ..... So I am now motivated to start if your site can at least learn the alphabet in full. a big thank you Liliane
Member moderator

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Validated user
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Joined: 10/10/2010
22 Jan. 2011 04:43 Charly said:
Hi Lyanely, we are not all letters in our program. We have deliberately removed the letters that are no longer used.
Our program is free so you have nothing to lose.

August 29, 2011 07:06 Florineth said:
hello I want to translate a phase but I can not find a site that does so can you help me corect svt??
This message has been 3 answers on the forum. See the answers on the forum
Sabine on

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Posts: 2
From 15/05/2012
May 15, 2012 20:28 Sabine on said:
I wish to get a tattoo with n
My first and last name in Thai can you help m? Thank you
This message has been 26 replies on the forum. See the answers on the forum

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Validated user
Posts: 2
Inscribes the: 21/06/2012
June 21, 2012 11:16 bobthai said:
currently on your page, you have written? who wants to chang as chang (Mason) ban chang may (joiner) etc.. .you need to write? which really means elephant! My wife is Thai teacher.
This message has been 3 answers on the forum. See the answers on the forum
Yama on

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Posts: 1
Since 05/11/2012
On 05 nov. 2012 12:50 Yama on said:
Thanks for this very useful and very motivating page :)
Alex.3436 on

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Posts: 2
From 24/02/2014
24 Feb. 2014 14:24 Alex.3436 on said:
I would like to know, I am completely beginner on this learning, I would like to much learning to speak, the only problem that blocks me, is the fact that I do not know what method to use to learn this language, if someone would have a suggestion has offer me would be great, thank you.
neutrinou on

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Posts: 2
From 22/06/2014
On June 22, 2014 01:54 neutrinou on said:
I am also beginning. I started by a method in English written by a Thai who lives in the USA. I recommend, because English with its small number of distinct vowels in terms of writing does not lend itself to learning.
I continued with the grammar Degnau, which seems to me interesting, original, but which sadly lacking examples in spoken language (which is also not necessarily the purpose of a grammar).
I'll continue Degnau (free internet access) and try soon the book (expensive, 50 euros) from Inalco.
And I tested this site.
Laura on

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Posts: 1
Since 02/02/2016
On 02 Feb. 2016 15:42 Laura on said:
Hello. I would like a Thai in tattoo phrase. But I do not know the Thais. J would like to write
My love my life
If someone bit M aid. Thank you for advance
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