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1 of the year 2015 to Koh Tao with The Experience Festival

Posted 26 nov. 2014 at 3:04 pm (vu 791203 fois)

To celebrate the first of the year 2015 and for the 7th consecutive year will be held at Koh Tao the appointment music Electronics: The Experience Festival.

Festival techno, trance, psy, goa (it and the best) in the open air.The Experience Festival 2014-2015 will take place from December 30 to January 2, 2015

It was noted that the organizers have denied rumours of cancellations - the festival will take place this year 2014-2015.

Pre-sale ticket from November 1 to December 27, 2014: 2.200THB.
Point of sale: VIEW POINT SHOP to the 7-11 of Chalok Ban Khao - Tel. : 07 7456 131

Attention: no pre-sale online.

Rates December 29, 2014: 2.500THB
Point of sale: at the entrance of the festival only

Ticket valid for 4 days of the festival.
The ticket includes:
-Space camping (bring your own tent)
-Toilet and shower

Site Internet : http://theexperience-kohtao.com

To the program

Live :
Aquila (Dacru Records) Belgium
Audioform (TIP/Blacklite Records) Greece
E-Clip (I don't know Music) Serbia
Egorythmia (I don't know Music) Macedonia
Human Groove (United Fraggles/Spirit Base) Austria
K.i.m (Zero1 Music/Grasshopper Records) Sweden
M-Theory (Alchemy Records) Italy/UK
Note (Magic Phangan Records/Halfmoon Festival) Thailand
Nukleall (Blacklite Records) Italy
Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India
Suduaya (Altar Records) France
Vivid Loop (Nutek Japan) Japan

DJ's :
Abstract (Purple Hexagon Records) Indonesia
Actarus (Maharetta/Moonloop Records) France
Amrit (Artists United) Germany
Apnea (Maharetta/Magic Phangan Rec/Funky Freaks rec) Belgium
Bombadil (IguanaLoco) Switzerland
Gandalf (I don't know Music) Germany
Hua Daeng (Funky Freaks records) France
Jo Moontribe (Magic Phangan/And Records) Malta/Phangan
Jorg (Blue Moon) Thailand
Koi (Shiva Moon) Thailand
Lars Lee (digital frequency of records) Germany
Leung (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand
Mike Mad (We Are Psychedelic) Switzerland
Norion (Dacru/Green Tree Rec/B2B) Belgium
Nurika (Kurage Eye) Spain
Ping (Halfmoon Festival) Thailand
Pravah (Ex-Dragon Loops Org.) Germany
Promethee (Butterfly Family) France
Psymbiosis (Maharetta Records) Italy
R'deem (Purple Snow Productions) Belgium
Radzy (Epic Tribe/BMSS Records) Malaysia
Raoul (Blue Hour Sounds/Maharetta Records) Germany
Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone Records) Thailand
Saikot (Epic Tribe) Russia
Scotty (VuuV Festival) Germany
Sebidelica (Unio Mystica/Mutagen Records) Belgium
Single Vision (Phoenix Groove Records/Ravelations) India/Dubai
Sonic Quake (Morphonic Records) Switzerland
Special Kay (AYAS Records) South Africa
StarLab (Digital About Productions) India
Sungirl (Pan Music Records) Russia
Trailoka (hypnotic/Omveda Rec) India/Dubai
Tripical (Halfmoon Festival/All Records) Thailand
U-Ta (Green Tree Records) USA
Wind (Zoom Bar) Thailand
Yohei (Twenty4Seven Records) Japan
Yuya (And Records) Japan



By The Rain (BMS/Trimurti Rec/Epic Tribe) Turkey
Psygasus (GreenTree Records) Belgium
Suduaya (Altar Records) France


Abstract (Purple Hexagon Records) Indonesia
Andre P. (Russia)
Blue Eyed Violet (Maharetta Rec/Magic Phangan) Belgium
Psychotic (Shiva Moon) Thailand
Psyfrog (Tommy Resort) Thailand
Psymbiosis (Maharetta Records) Italy
Sebidelica (Mutagen Rec/Unio Mystica) Belgium
Song (Ban Sabaii) Stoker
Tommy Rocker (Thailand)
Tranquilogen (Merkaba Music) Iran
Wacamolo (France)

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